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32-inch screen for iMac 2021?

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IMac 2021 will have a display Really big, bigger than bigAnd Confirms And the dropout L0vetodream, He’s often familiar with his usual fuzzy style. Time and time again, rumors have spoken about it Diagonal 24 inches To replace the entry-level model 21.5 “, but strangely, no one has risked a quantitative advance of the model that will succeed the iMac 27”. The only clue, not the least, comes from Mark Gorman who says the iMac will lose its famous “chin” to get close. Pro Display XDR design, With significantly reduced margins around the screen and a completely flat back.

If Apple wants to push consistency to the limit with Pro Display XDR, it should come as no surprise that the future large iMac will rise to 32in. And even if that means climbing, you can also go for free: the iMac thus has the same dimensions as Apple’s professional display, which may allow you to create beautiful dual-screen configurations without indicating one of them within a few inches. Pro Display XDR, with its furrowed back reminiscent of the Mac Pro and its complex foot like it’s overrated, but Apple can come close enough to be a fake, at least from the front.

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Two new iMac models Was spotted In macOS 11.3 beta, which indicates that Apple should review both drops at the same time. Besides the calendar, nothing has been filtered out at the moment. We can also imagine a presentation From WWDC, In June, of the fall issue with the second wave of Apple Silicon chips. In fact, Mark Gurman says the iMac will not be equipped with the Apple M1 chip but with a better model. Continued…

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