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5.1 surround sound on YouTube TV is available on Google TV / Android TV

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YouTube TV has announced 5.1 surround sound compatibility on Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices.

Source: Alexander Shatov via Unsplash

YouTube TV should offer 5.1 surround sound in a broader way. distance Chromecasthardware SamsungAnd the LG And Vizio, it’s systems’ turn GoogleTV/Android-TV And Roku to see 5.1 arrive. We’ve already known that since last March YouTube TV was testing 5.1 votes on these platforms.

As a reminder, YouTube TV is an American service. Launched in February 2017 This makes it possible to watch live TV and consume video on demand. With it, you can access the major US networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, Discovery, etc.

5.1 Audio is published on YouTube TV on Google TV / Android TV

YouTube TV said on Twitter:5.1 Audio is rolling out to Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices this weekFurthermore, he mentioned that it worksInternally and with partners to enable 5.1 in CamelAnd the FireTV and the game consolesIt’s really in YouTube TV’s best interest to be available from as many stations as possible.

This is only in 🔈────────────⚪️🔊

We know you’ve been waiting, and he’s *finally* ready. 5.1 Audio will be rolling out this week across Google TV, Android TV, and Roku devices.

—YouTubeTV (YouTubeTV) 7 June 2022

This posting is automatic a priori. Dolby Surround 5.1 is designed to work any time you’re watching a compatible TV show, on a compatible system and/or device. Note that you also need a compatible speaker system to enjoy this immersive sound and that some channels on YouTube TV simply do not offer this sound system.

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You can verify that 5.1 surround sound is working properly by looking at “nerds statisticsIf enabled, the codec.AC-3/EAC-3will display.

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