Saguenéens’ new logo sparks controversy

Chicoutimi Saguenéens’ new logo, on which the stylized “S” will replace the team’s name at the dawn of the 50th season of the QMJHL franchise this coming fall, even divides the town council from Chicoutimi to Saguenay.

“It’s a misunderstanding of history,” said city councilor Michel Botvin.

Chancellor Botvin lamented the disappearance of Chikoutimi’s name from the official shirt. He remembers that the history of the Saguenéens of Chicoutimi, who own the city of Saguenay, goes back to before the last fifty years.

“There were Saguenéens in the 1950s, and before that it was the pros who played along Boulevard Saguenay, recalls Mr. Potvin. They are almost centenarians, Saguené Chicoutimi. So Chicoutimi must maintain the appearance it deserves.”

The name Chicoutimi will appear, but on derivative products and in the center of the icing.

Elected municipal officials also criticize the organization for revealing this slogan publicly without submitting it to the municipal council.

“It would not have been the bottom line, because we own the team,” said Mr. Botvin.

The consultant realizes that Saguenéens’ current management team is competent, but in this particular case, he is criticizing him for acting independently.

“If they don’t want to be in charge, they just have to buy the team.”

The organization has been working on a new logo for three years. Michel Botvin has attended certain board meetings in the past.

“I attended a few sessions, but I don’t remember if there was an official show,” he said.

Saguenéens did not want to respond publicly to the elected municipal official. The organization wants to deal with this issue privately with the town council.

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