5 essential personality traits for being a millionaire according to science

Ask yourself: Do you think you have what it takes To become an independent millionaire? Whether the answer is yes or no, know that according to science, there are personality traits common to the world’s richest people. It’s time to reveal it.

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In an article published in Communications in the humanities and social sciences, we learn that five personality traits are commonly associated with the super-rich. According to the researchers and authors of the article, They are Marius Liekelt, Johannes König, David Richter, Mitja de Buck and Karsten Schroeder.obviously it’s easier to inherit the jackpot (which is the number one cause of wealth among the super-rich at the moment), but what about “self-made”, From those who made themselves ?

Ok, By dealing with a fairly large group of millionairesThe researchers were able to determine the sources of their origins. Then all the collected information was compared with Participant survey resultswho revealed 5 “essential” personality traits to become a millionaire.

5 essential personality traits to become a millionaire

The authors of the study we’re talking about here Infer the following facts :

We show that wealthy people have higher risk tolerance, greater openness, greater openness, lower conscientiousness, and lower neurosis.

complete authors This is the first sentence that followsthis here:

These findings extend and complement existing research on millionaires that has examined giving behaviour, use of time, and happiness, and provide a consistent and robust picture of the personality traits that characterize the wealthy.

Participants who reversed Honestly these five winning personality traits She mainly belongs to the “self-made” group. Wealthy class was the least compatible with Five features mentioned above Her wealth was largely the result of inheritance and gifts.

Researchers say their results “Propose a unique formation of personality traits that contribute to the economic success of self-employed millionaires”. And therefore, If you are not really neurotic nor introverted, you are not afraid to take risks, you are open-minded and conscientious.Do not hesitate to go to the end of your ideas: they may prove profitable, according to statistics. And if you do not have the appropriate writing letter For the majority of millionairesDo not be afraid, other paths lead to wealth and, above all, to well-being.

And in a completely different genre, know that Homer Simpson You must possess hidden qualities, since The character will be richer than it looks.

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