6 defenders to replace Shea Weber

Shea Webber’s absence next season leaves a huge hole in the Montreal Canadiens’ defensive line-up. A gap that Mark Bergeffen is keen to fill in order for his team to return to the playoffs.

With that in mind, TVASports.ca was interested in six defenders who could be called up to replace the nickname “Mountain Man”.

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Seth Jones

Everything indicates that Blue Jackets will trade it in, knowing that he is not interested in rooting in Columbus. He can achieve full autonomy at the end of next season.

Jones is a great athlete capable of playing more than 25 minutes per game. At just 26 years old, he could become the Habs quarterback for several years if he agrees to sign a contract extension in Montreal.

He would be a worthy heir to Webber, his former mentor with the Nashville Predators. However, does the Arlington, Texas native really want to play in Canada?

Tyson Barry

Barry will never completely replace Webber, as his player profile and Number 6 are diametrically opposed.

One thing is for sure, it will give CH a huge hand in the power game and improve the team’s transition game on level ground.

Barry led the Pittman circuit defense with 48 points in the 2020-2021 season. He will become an unrestricted free customer on July 28.

Doji Hamilton

Hamilton has taken his game to another level over the past two seasons. And how! We are talking about a harvest of 82 points in 102 matches and a cumulative record of +50.

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Despite his tall stature, he is not as intimidating as Weber, but his effectiveness in all three areas is undeniable.

Adam Larson

We definitely fall into another category of players. Larson is not a sexy name.

However, this massive guy of 6’3” and 208 can deliver a good twenty minutes of CH in important situations, plus he’s outnumbered.

Among the defensive linemen, Larson finished fifth in the NHL in hitting the body last season. He would have helped the muscular Habs Brigade maintain the aura they had during playoffs.

Al Suwaidi will be released to the air on July 28.

Mark Giordano

Yes, Giordano is left-handed and that is not ideal if the goal is to replace Webber. But the options are unfortunately not very many, and Giordano brings many qualities similar to those of the majestic bearded man.

Veteran Flames has a very physical style of play, playing in the West since the beginning of his career.

He’s 37 years old, but he has only one year left on his Calgary Flames contract, which is worth an average of $6.75 million.

Rasmus Restollinen

Finn has always been at the center of transaction rumors for several years now.

His outrageous advanced stats and questionable defensive playing have scared National Hockey League teams in the past.

But what can he do outside of Buffalo, an environment that has proven toxic to many players?

The question must be asked. However, caution is in order.

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