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6 tips to protect your computer or laptop from hacking

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It’s a great classic when we talk about the topic of cyber security, we often think that we are safe from threats. Others don’t pay attention, but we’re safe because we don’t take any risks. This can be true if you are an expert in using a computer or mobile devices. However, for most users, the vigilance we think we have is often flawed and not enough. To effectively protect against various threats such as viruses, spyware, exploits, ransomware, phishing or even online scams, You have to adopt a universal solution that includes powerful antivirus and other tools Such as a VPN, anti-tracking software, or performance optimization software. And all of this is included in Avast Ultimate. Here are 6 tips to adopt and with Avast Ultimate you can apply them to craft!

Keep your PC up-to-date all the time

The first tip is not necessarily easy to apply on a daily basis. By installing programs and extensions, you check everything that happens on your system. And one vector that cybercriminals love to embrace is the vulnerabilities in older versions of commonly used software. For a long time, hackers have exploited, for example, Office macros, flaws in the Java environment or in the Adobe Reader plug-in. Updating all of its software is clearly tedious and annoying: what could be worse than an update that interrupts your work. So we put it off until later, and it may already be too late. With Avast Cleanup Premium, you can automatically detect and update all programs with old versions on your system.

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Use a comprehensive and easy-to-use antivirus

Obviously, using an antivirus is a situation to adopt, especially on a PC. But using a full-featured, high-performance antivirus is key. Avast Premium Security gives you features that go far beyond free antivirus software. It shields you with defensive shields against viruses, spyware, and other Trojans, but also specifically deals with more complex threats like ransomware or ransomware. These attack your personal folders looking for files to encrypt. Once the damage is done, you have to pay a ransom to unlock it, with no guarantee that paying will actually result in “liberation”. Avast Premium Security prevents this software from taking action by monitoring changes to your personal data records.

Stay anonymous while browsing the internet

Using a VPN for your internet connections, especially on public Wi-Fi networks, allows you to protect your data as well as anonymity. A VPN hides your IP address and geographic location, and allows you to connect to the Internet through a tunnel secured with bank encryption. In networks where the protection conditions are not necessarily known, this is an undeniable advantage to avoid unpleasant surprises such as intercepting data of the “man in the middle” type. Avast Ultimate integrates Avast SecureLine VPN, a complete unlimited VPN into its offering, and you can use it on all your devices to browse with superior security, bypass local content restrictions and generally hide your digital identity.

Try to make your purchases on the web as safe as possible

There are more and more online shopping and banking transactions that can be exposed to cyber attacks. To ensure you browse with confidence, you need complete protection with a firewall, secure banking sites, and an anti-phishing module that allows you to escape fraudulent websites or emails. Avast Premium Security combines all of this: With True Site, you are sure to surf the domain of your banking or merchant site, without the risk of address hijacking and phishing. A smart firewall effectively protects you from attacks that may arise on your network. You can manage your account and shop with peace of mind, and with the holidays approaching, this is clearly a must!

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Navigate without being tracked and enjoy peace of mind

As you use the web every day, you may not realize that you are leaving a lot of traces behind. Your web browser, the size of your window, the sites you’ve visited via cookies, all of this can be used to identify you and distribute specifically targeted advertising, or even charge different prices depending on your visits to the sites.Booking for example. Avast AntiTrack Premium regularly obfuscates this fingerprint to make it more difficult to identify you on websites, thus protecting you from these intrusions into your privacy. You can also clean your data from your web browsers.

Protect your passwords as much as possible

The last tip concerns an aspect that is often overlooked, again because it’s boring: the use of passwords. To easily access a service or remember a username, passwords are used frequently and are very simple, and thus can be easily guessed by hackers. With Avast Premium Security, you can take advantage of a password manager that can assign complex IDs for hackers to find, and you don’t have to remember them because your master password will be enough to enter them.

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