66% increase in animal abandonment in Quebec

Right now, that’s okay, we’re at a third of our capacity. But this is worrying because if we continue like this, we will have to make decisions to stop services, for example surgeries for public animals.warns Felix Tremblay, general manager of SPA de Québec.

This increase comes after 2021 was a rather quiet year in terms of animal abandonment.

Because of the deconfinement?

The SPA’s general manager believes that people who have infected an animal during the pandemic may have begun to realize that activities are resuming, and that teleworking is over. They may need this presence at home lesscontinues Felix Tremblay.

Another solution to the shelter is to order the animals to be moved to other areas. Elsewhere, some have much larger spaceshe is referring to.

Little rabbit waiting wisely at Quebec SPA

Photo: Radio Canada

Felix Tremblay recalls that the current SPA building in Quebec is small compared to the needs in the region.

Areas with only a small percentage of the capital’s population have much larger and better designed sheltersAccording to Was.

Remember that animals can quickly find a new family. Over the past two years, the SPA area has experienced a 100% adoption rate.

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