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7 classic Quebec movies to watch again on Netflix

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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It is especially good to see and review Quebec classics. Netflix More and more Quebec films offer, to our delight. While browsing Netflix, we discovered several classics that we particularly love.

Here are some of the things we like to see over and over again:

Good Cop, Bad Cop 2006

Credit: Bon Cop, Bad Cop / Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm

This film, which narrates the contrast between Anglophone and Francophone culture, is a humorous classic. To watch the afternoon, Good Cop Bad Cop 2 Also available on the platform.

with Patrick Howard and Colm Feuer

1981, 1987, 1991

Credit: via IMDB

This is a trilogy Ricardo Troji It is a great classic game. We became attached to little Ricardo and would love to see him again every 5 years. We find ourselves quite a bit in the character of Ricciardo, regardless of his age.

Starbucks 2011

Credit: IMDB

A man donated hundreds of sperm in his youth. He discovered, years later, that he had hundreds of children.

with Patrick Howard

From father to police 2009

Credit: IMDB

This film tells the story of IbnLuis Jose Hody(who follows in his father’s footsteps)Michel Cotein the police profession. Beautiful opposition for generations. To extend the fun, 2 is also available on the platform.

Mr. Lazhar 2011

Mr. Lazhar

An immigrant gets an alternative job at a school and teaches a semester for several months. Until we discover his scheme and he loses his job, much to the disappointment of his students.

with Mohamed Flag And the Sophie Nellis

Make yourself a coffee, take out your blanket and turn on the TV! Good watch!

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