Quebec Cinema Concert | Genevieve Schmidt: A Party in Its Image

For the first time in her career, actress Genevieve Schmidt will experience animation. the opportunity? Width 22e The Gala Québec Cinéma release on Sunday 6 June at ICI TÉLÉ. Claiming that she is nervous, but well surrounded, the actress wants to attend a party that looks like her. Interview.

André DuchesenAndré Duchesen

Sunday morning in early spring. Geneva Schmidt plans April and May, happy to see “calm” on the professional side. She said to herself that it was so much better. The past year has been very busy. It would be a good time to relax and take care of your home. The phone rings. His agent. “Would you like to host the Gala Québec Cinéma on June 6th? ”

Genevieve Schmidt laughs as she tells the story. His spring without a big project has just taken the edge off. His friends know that taking care of his home is a project that has been put on hold again. But the challenge of animation is very tempting to say no.

In the gigantic and bright entrance of Radio Canada’s new home, she said Journalism Meeting. “I found it a bold choice to contact me to host. Which is a nice surprise. This person who thought of me gives me confidence.”

In an interview, Québec Cinéma’s outgoing general manager, Segolene Roderer, explained that her assistant Sylvie Quinville (who will become General Manager on June 15th) fell in love with the actress after watching the video she made last year for him. Online ceremony. “We asked the artists to make a video to their liking, to say hello during the ceremony. We loved the drawing that Genevieve made at home.”

The proposal is in line with the actress’s business philosophy. Genevieve Schmidt prefers to master challenges and novelty. When asked which character she would like to play on the big screen, she replied, “If I say one day I want to play this or that character, I might not be very good at playing it.” I have a feeling I have a preconceived idea about this that the director will have a hard time directing me. I prefer to leave myself free. I like to stay open to exploration. ”

Indulge in the preparation

Discoveries you have not failed to make since I got involved in the preparations for the evening of June 6 with screenwriter Daniel Langlois, director Charles Duvenais, producer Benoit Leger and all the “tech team”.

The actress is engaged in writing numbers. It learns the alphabet of animation, from choices in presentation sequence to orientation, writing, and potential last-minute changes.

Photo by David Boiley, press

Geneva Schmidt will host a Gala Quebec cinema concert.

She was also introduced to “politics at a party”. Politics in what sense? “In the sense of doing things right so that no one is upset,” she said. There are things to say, not to say. ”

Exactly, which we can see in it District 31 And the Module 9, In particular, she declares: “I want a little party in my picture. I don’t want to quarrel. It’s important to me, because I’m not like that in life. I don’t want to wear pink glasses either. I can say art works great now.”

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Don’t “bite”, therefore. Does this mean there are no jokes about Maribier Maureen? She replied, “Neither on her nor on Mr. Gozo’s popcorn.”

I want to have a good time together. I want to be very humble. And if the spotlight is on me, I will make sure to turn it towards movies and their makers.

Genevieve Schmidt, 22 stewardesse Quebec Cinema Gala

It is noteworthy that Gallas is very much loved these days. Reviews are in freefall … “It’s great to have parties,” she says. In Quebec, cinemas have been closed for months. So this evening will be good. We will laugh and find out about the movies or the actors. ”

“Believe the feeling”

Be restrained, Genevieve Schmidt doesn’t want to say anything about the final films of this version. But she confirms that what astonishes her, defends her, and affects her in a movie is “the sincerity of feeling.” “What I preserve is the beauty or tenderness of showing a feeling or an atmosphere,” she says, citing the feature film as an example. AntigoneBy Sophie Derasby.

An example couldn’t be more appropriate, because Antigone It won six Iris Awards, including Best Picture, at the 2020 Gala Québec Cinéma.

Soon actress who will appear in feature films Time HarvesterWritten by Frances Locklear W. Two by four, By Lawrence Cotet Collins, thanks to the deaths of his parents and the moviegoers who took him to the cinema since his childhood.

She still remembers, laughing, the day her mother took her to see Collapse of the American EmpireWritten by Denis Arcand, in Parisian cinema on Saint Catherine Street, a viewer shouted at her mother, asserting that it is not a children’s movie. “I was not shocked at all,” says the one who starred many years later … Fall of the American Empire From the same director.

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Gala Québec Cinéma will be presented at ICI TÉLÉ on Sunday 6 June at 8 pm.

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