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70% of influencers believe the metaverse will replace social media

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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These virtual worlds that are being developed in many companies represent new opportunities in terms of creativity and monetization for influencers.

The metaverse, The future version of social networks? This is what the majority of American influencers think, with these virtual worlds that will replace platforms according to them Study by Izea. This provider of influencer marketing technologies and services for brands wanted to get the opinions of these creators and the opinions of social media users about the metaverse.

56% of influencers said they joined these virtual worlds, playing games like Minecraft, Fortnite, roblox game. On the users side, they are only 12%. The latter plan to be present in these virtual worlds in the coming years, where they will mainly seek to watch media content (48%) and communicate with friends (47%). If they don’t want to join the metaverse right now, that’s also because they’re waiting for the technology, either virtual reality headsets, to be affordable (19.5%) and to improve (12.1%).

For influencers, the metaverse presents new opportunities. “Our research shows that influencers are the first to adopt these new platforms and share our enthusiasm for opportunities in the rapidly evolving metaverse.”said Ted Murphy, founder and CEO of Izea. 60% of those surveyed see themselves as creative in these virtual worlds. In detail, they can develop experiences that highlight a brand, organize events such as concerts or parties, but also promote NFT which they participated in its creation. Moreover, 51% of them plan to make money in the metaverse.

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The Izea study also shows that brands are already numerous in the metaverse. 73% of participants who played virtual games claimed to have seen advertisements or sponsorships. Among the brands mentioned are Coca-Cola, Google, Cartoon Network, Nike and The Skittles. This sponsorship does not seem to bother users and influencers. They are respectively 72% and 90% support them.

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