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75 dengue cases in Réunion: fewer cases

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In their latest figures, the ARS and the state of La Réunion announced that the spread of the virus was continuing despite a decline in cases. From August 9 to 15, 75 cases of dengue were confirmed (compared to 117 cases in the previous week after data were combined). The decline in the number of cases continues in the majority of municipalities. But despite the southern winter, the virus continues to circulate on the island and remains large compared to previous years in the same period.

The western sector remains the worst affected, in particular the city of Saint-Paul where 30% of cases have been recorded in the region. In addition, a slight increase in the number of cases was observed in the south.

In order to further reduce the epidemic and protect themselves from severe forms of the disease, the population and those involved in the fight against dengue are encouraged to continue individual and collective protection measures: use mosquito repellents to protect themselves from mosquito bites, and eliminate anything that causes it. May contain water (breeding sites), consult your doctor if symptoms appear.

Dengue case on August 25, 2021 (data from the French Regional Public Health Unit, ARS)

Over the past two weeks, confirmed cases have been distributed in all municipalities, with the exception of Sainte-Rose, Cilaos, Salazie and La Plaine des Palmistes.

The number of cases is declining on the island except for Tambun, Itang Sal, Petit Il and Saint Suzanne where ten cases are reported per week.
– The western sector is mainly concerned: 30% of cases are in Saint-Paul and cases are registered in other municipalities
– In the south, Saint-Pierre is mainly concerned. Cases were also recorded in Saint-Joseph, Le Tambun, and Letang Salé.
All municipalities in the north are reporting cases.
– In the East, the decline in cases relates to all municipalities.

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In addition, clusters of cases (dengue outbreaks) have been identified in the following neighborhoods:

Western Region
– Saint Paul (Rockville, Plateau-Cailleu, La Plaine, La Saline-les-Bains)
– Possession (Cap Noir)

Sud region
Saint-Pierre (Bois d’Olives)
– Etang Salé (Etang Sally les Bains)

Recommendations for fighting dengue fever

It only takes one mosquito bite to contract dengue.

Health authorities recommend that residents:
Protect yourself from mosquito bites, including during the seven days after the onset of symptoms to protect those around you
– Continue to protect yourself, even if you have previously had dengue fever; Many dengue serotypes can be spread and infection with one serotype does not protect against attack by another.
Get rid of breeding areas (mosquito nests): Vacuum anything that might have water around your house, check gutters, etc.
Consult a doctor if symptoms appear: fever, headache, muscle/joint pain, nausea, vomiting, etc., and take the sample in a medical laboratory prescribed by your doctor to confirm the diagnosis of dengue fever.

If you are sick with dengue fever:
Continue to protect yourself from mosquito bites.
For the prevention of serious forms of dengue fever:
Monitor your health, especially between the fourth and eighth days of illness
Consult your doctor or emergency department if you have the following signs and symptoms: severe abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, inability to eat/hydration, extreme tiredness, insomnia.
– Immediately consult an ophthalmologist or the CHU Nord emergency department, in the event of an ophthalmological complication (a sudden and severe decrease in vision) that occurs approximately 8 days after the onset of signs of dengue fever
Go to the hospital if your health condition deteriorates

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Severe forms of dengue affect all ages: infants, children, adults, and the elderly. They occur in both healthy people and people with diseases.

Children under two years of age, whose parents think they may have dengue fever, should preferably be cared for in a hospital.

Since dengue is likely to damage the liver, it is recommended that you carefully follow your doctor’s recommendations on taking paracetamol.

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