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Black yawns mean something

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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The “House of Knowledge” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also, in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the world’s treasures. In this new episode, let’s take the road to the south. From South Africa we meet the animal king: His Majesty the Lion.

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Thanks to the 3D ultrasound that we added a time dimension to, scientists have distinguished themselves by yawning in fetuses. By determining frequency based on age, they hope to discover growth defects.

Yawn Contagious. Finally, if we accept we tread lightly on the definition of the word “infectious”. Because we know, there is no question here about It transmits the virus Or another microbe. It is simple ” Repetition“ The behavior that actually occurs when a person yawns in response to a yawning. A completely involuntary recurrence, generally stimulated by sight, that behavioral scientists have been able to observe in humans. Is involved, most likely, Mirror neurons.

But men aren’t the only ones who have it Yawn with pleasure . Yawning is a common behavior. Animals yawn, too. Chicken Chimpanzee Or even a cobra. Black too. These are big cats lazyWho spend their time hanging out Soleil . While these ladies, the lionesses, raise the little ones and go hunt. What surprised the team of researchers who were monitoring them was that over short periods of time, lions could yawn again. Especially when wild animals are relaxing. Can we also talk about ‘redundancy’ for them?

Researchers have long believed that reproducing yawning has been a prerogative of humans. Manifestation SympathyFor our loved ones. Feelings we share with those we meet. But studies have already shown that yawning can also be transmitted from humans … to dog. As if to facilitate the interactions we could have with our best friend.

Let’s return to the issue of the possible “recurrence” of yawning between them Felines Researchers have spied for several months, about twenty years black In a private reserve in South Africa, the Makalali Reserve. Their conclusion: a LionWhoever sees a colleague yawn is 139 times more likely to yawn in the next three minutes is fun, right? And the rest of the story is without a doubt a little more.

Yawn now troop strength

Because researchers also report that lions that repeat another person’s yawn appear 11 times more likely to repeat it Movements . In other words, imagine a lion yawning, then getting up, taking a few steps, and lying down again. Well, it turns out that another lion that is “contaminated” with its yawning will also tend to get up, take a few steps and lie down again. Anyway, this is what the researchers note. A type of “motor synchronization” stimulated by the initial yawning.

This is why behavioral scientists now consider that yawning can actually play a role Social role In the pride of lions. Even with others CashVery social. Yawning can help put people in the same positionWave length. This is important for animals that hunt and raise their young in flocks. Moreover, some believe that the social organization of lions is the root of their domination of their environment.

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Researchers also suggest that frequent yawning can enhance group alertness. It can help in communicating with forces, change in physiological or emotional state. So the next time you get criticized for yawning, just explain that you do it to maintain social cohesion! Not stupid … the lion.

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