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75% of people were fully vaccinated before indoor gatherings

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Public Health Canada unveiled its “life after vaccination” criteria Friday: if the threshold of 75% of Canadians vaccinated with two doses is reached in the fall, indoor gatherings can resume and college and university students return on a large scale.

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This is an “ambitious” goal from the viewpoint of the Chief Public Health Officer, Dr.Return Teresa Tam. But in her opinion, it is better to aim big in the hope that a “return to normal life” will take place before the end of the year so that it does not cause a new wave of the epidemic in September.

However, we should not be under any illusions: the “normal” before the pandemic is still far in sight, because as public health reminded us, the epidemic is not over yet, and basic sanitation measures, such as physical distancing and wearing a mask, will always be with us. After the fall.

However, some provinces, including Quebec, are on the way to spend the summer with already reduced measures due to encouraging vaccination numbers, “good news” for DReturn Complete. Four weeks ago, less than 25% of adults received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, while on Friday the number was 42%.

With the massive increase in the availability of vaccines, the intensification of the vaccination campaign, and the Canadians who heeded the call and encouraged others, we are making tremendous progress and we can look forward to the summer. Outside where we will again do many activities that we have missed, such as’ camping ‘,’ picnics in parks or On the stands, “Dr.Return Tam.

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“Draconian” measures, but boycotts will decide

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) had already introduced its summer criteria, which it reiterated on Thursday: These activities will be possible once 75% of the population is inoculated with at least one dose and 20% with the second dose.

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Whether or not adherence to these goals is left to the provinces, who can decide to apply PHAC standards to the message in their own way.

In Quebec, Health Minister Christian Dube indicated that the government would present a “disengagement plan,” “based on our public health recommendations.”

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc said that these guidelines are a way to consolidate the message across the country in order to “better signal to people the prospects of seeing a safe, calculated and reliable economic reopening”.

Although hopeful that Friday’s announcement may have sparked, Quebec doctors believe Ottawa may err on the side of caution.

Remember that last summer, the rules for outdoor gatherings were less stringent, and COVID-19 is mainly transmitted indoors. Canada is still far from reaching 20% ​​of fully immunized people today.

Ottawa plan

Nothing new this spring

  • Stay home, protect yourself, and get vaccinated

Allowed this summer

  • Camping, hiking, picnics, terraces

This fall is allowed

  • Colleges, indoor sports and family reunions

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