8 foods to protect yourself from during the winter

When a cold begins to appear, a small infection appears. So it is advised to eat good foods to protect yourself during the winter season.

The immune defense experiences a slight, or even somewhat noticeable, decrease when the cold season begins its first months. Before the body weakens, it would be better to stock up on vitamins and trace elements to cope with cold days and freezing nights.

Food against fatigue and minor ailments

Cold is often synonymous with low tone. In fact, many people experience stress and immunity feels threatened.

The vitamin C provided by lemon helps protect against small infections such as colds and coughs. Honey, this elixir par excellence, is useful for sore throats. And the kiwi he invites on the table as dessert is packed with vitamin C: an anti-fatigue vitamin.

It is better to maintain a healthy digestive system

When winter sets in, the metabolism, including the digestive system, slows down. Then come digestive disorders such as gastroenteritis.

In this regard, turmeric brings you the essential anti-inflammatory properties of the intestines. Garlic is a natural antimicrobial, and when eaten raw it is better for the stomach and colon. It is highly recommended to eat foods containing probiotics during the winter period. Sauerkraut, often noted for its flavor and fermented properties, is very rich in probiotics. Eating it raw in a salad preserves all its qualities. Eating one yogurt per day should provide the necessary daily amount of probiotics.

Discover Drinkable Probiotic Yogurt, A Winter’s Solution

Among the effective foods to protect yourself during the winter season, Discover Drinkable Probiotic Yogurt. In fact, yogurt is one that can be eaten in the morning, during breakfast or as a “snack” between two meals, or even a few hours before going back to bed.

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Drinkable probiotic yogurt is quick and easy to eat, requires no preparation and is drunk straight from the bottle.

This yogurt is rich in Vitamin A and D, and it has all the necessary assets to stimulate the immune system. Vitamin A is known for its effect on bones and vision while Vitamin D works on bone growth and development.

It also contains good bacteria which should make up 100,000 billion bacteria present in the intestinal flora.

It should be noted that yogurt is best when added with flavors such as strawberry, banana, pomegranate or blueberry. Flavors can bring a new taste to your candy break!

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