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8K, 325-Inch, Will You Give Up on LG’s New TV?

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If you have 1.7 million, this is yours!

Image Credits: LG

LG just introduced its new XXXL OLED TVs. The range starts from 108 inches to 196 inches in 2K, then extends in 4K from 163 inches to 393 inches. In 8K, a unique model is presented and what a model! With 325 inches and 8K definition, it is supported by 7 dedicated processors and varies from 150,000 to 1. Consumption is in line with the voraciousness of 16,500 watts. If you have enough space in your living room, you can get this monitor for $1.7 million.

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More seriously, this type of screen is preferred to be purchased by companies that have the necessary means. They see it as a product of the highest standard that is placed in the lobby in the light of partners in order to enhance it. These giant televisions have become a kind of calling card, but they can also be used in the typical automobile industries. Its size allows for full size vehicles to be displayed during design. This allows you to quickly detect any flaws and get an idea of ​​the true proportions before the first models.

8K, 325-Inch, Will You Give Up on LG's New TV?

If a 325-inch TV isn’t enough, LG also offers another 393-inch model, but “only” in 4K, it’s up to you.

8K, 325-Inch, Will You Give Up on LG's New TV?

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