A big evening on the horizon by Alexis Lavrinier

Maintenant que les heures des matchs ont été annoncées dans la Ligue nationale de hockey (LNH) en vue de la prochaine saison, la table est mise en vue du premier match du Canadien à domicile, le 16 octobre, contre Alexis Lafrenière de les Range New York.

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Lavrinier will obviously be meeting at the Bale Center since his leap to the pros. In 2020-2021, during the youngster’s first campaign in the NHL, the Habs and Rangers did not face each other due to the shortened schedule of 56 games, limited to in-division meetings.

Therefore, from 7 p.m., this first game between Lavrinier and the Canadian will take place in Montreal, as announced Friday by the National Hockey League (LNH). Already, CH’s match schedule, like that of other teams, was revealed last month.

The Canadian, who will start his campaign with two games abroad, in Toronto and Buffalo, will undoubtedly throw the party at the party with Lavrinier, the first overall pick in the 2020 draft.

better player?

At the age of 19 (he will be 20 on October 11), the hockey player from Saint-Eustache is preparing for his second season in the NHL.

“I learned a lot,” Quebec noted, about his first campaign, in an interview with the Journal de Montreal at the end of the final season. I used to play with guys every night. I felt more comfortable in the second half. “

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In 56 matches, Lavrinier collected 21 points, including 12 goals.

“I have learned every day, I have had the opportunity to play against very good players, he added. He will help me for the next year. I think I will be a much better player.”

Before facing the Canadians at the Bale Center, Lavrinier and Rangers will start next season with matches against the Capitals in Washington (October 13), and against the Dallas Stars in New York (October 14).

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