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A Canadian mansion, a Russian billionaire and a princely couple

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a few weeks ago, Investigation Yuri Milner asked if he owned directly or indirectly the property where the royal family resided on Vancouver Island.

The answer came from Alice McGillion of New York-based public relations firm Rubinstein. We can officially confirm, as we have always done in the past, that neither Yuri Milner, nor any member of his family, nor any affiliated entity of him or his family owns the Millflowers Mansion on Vancouver Island. or any other property in Canada.

McGillion referred us to the interview by music producer Foster to daily Mail He claims that Milner is not the owner of the mansion.

However, documents from the Pandora Papers reveal that the Andromeda Trust – the entity that owns Mill Flowers Mansion – was not always that name.

Until February 2016, it was called the Yury Milner Trust. (The spellings Yuri and Yuri were used in the leaked documents.)

The leak contains an internal letter written by Milner’s attorney in 2018, explaining the origins of the trusts: The person who contributed the assets was Yuri Milner.

According to this message, Possible beneficiaries of the Andromeda Fund are charities, relatives and friends of Yuri Milner.

Yuri Milner as founder of DST Global is invited to speak at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2017 in San Francisco.Photo: Getty Images/Steve Jennings

Another document notes that prior to 2015, Yuri Milner marched to control A chain of companies including JEMC Management, which bought Mille Fleurs Mansion.

When we called a spokeswoman for Milner again to share the results of our investigation, we got a different response.

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You sent us another statement requesting that it be attributed to A Trust spokesperson undefined.

This statement admits that the trust of Yuri Milner, who was a beneficiary at that time, had already purchased the mansion in 2013.

But according to that statement, Milner and his wife have been removed from the list of beneficiaries since 2014, in favor of unspecified charities.

House surrounded by plants.

On the site of the mansion associated with Yuri Milner there is a guest house.Photo: Radio Canada

So Milner is no longer Affiliate In the palace, according to this statement. She adds that Milner has set up a fund similar to the $250 million Andromeda yacht – which he has previously denied owning. She claims that neither he nor his family are beneficiaries of, or belong to, the assets of this fund.

If you have exclusive use of something, you basically have all the advantages of owning it without having to legally own it.Attorney Jamison Firestone confirms.

Well, he might not be the owner, but he might be the ultimate beneficiary, which is basically the same as far as we’re concerned.He said.

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