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A century of scientific research in French

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What is the common denominator between the Montreal Biological Society, Acfas and the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Sciences? A concerted effort that permanently changed the face of science 100 years ago, which until then was done in Quebec, mainly in English.

with 89And The conference, which began on May 9 at Université Laval in Quebec, Acfas launches its centenary celebrations.

Named in its beginnings, in 1923, after the Canadian Association of French for Science, which became the French-speaking Association for Knowledge from 2001 to 2019, and since then simply called “ACVAS”, the association has become a stakeholder in landscape research. in Quebec.

It has now crossed the borders of Quebec with chapters elsewhere in Canada, for example in Toronto, in partnership withUniversity of Ontario, France. Professors from the UOF as well as University President Pierre Ouellette are participating in the Acfas Conference.

ACFAS conference programme.

From French Canadians to Francophones

Its conference, which brings together thousands of researchers in the sciences and social sciences every year, marks the massive expansion, in 100 years, of those scientists who were then called “French Canadians.”

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