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A character requesting anonymity to continue “say his name”

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Alan Binder
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Our client is a well-known public figure in Quebec and works mainly in the cultural sector, explained to the court, attorney Jocelyn Vizina, who represents the man who wishes to be identified with the initials AB.

His notoriety and reputation allow him to earn a living in the public domain المجالThe written application from AB sets a Friday.

In 2020, his name was published on Official list of alleged assailants in Quebec managed by DSN Because of allegations of sexual offenses committed by the Internet user.

This is a trap, my client is trappedVézina appealed to me. If AB files a defamation suit against an Internet user of their true identity, aggravates his condition Since the general legal action will be magnifying glass effect on the allegations.

He demands anonymity so he can take legal action without risk To shoot you in the foot. In fact, the allegations against AB are not, at the moment, making headlines.

This means that all defamation will take place behind closed doors, Supreme Court Justice Sylvain Losser responded to AB’s attorney If she follows you, no one does not want protection and anonymity. afraid A blow to press freedom.

I Fisina believes in that too Socially, in 2021 Courts must draw the line And the push the law By placing restrictions on platforms such as DSN who broadcast From all aspects allegations that are anything about anyone. […] It’s disorganized, we don’t check anything.

very dangerous according to DSN

We must not open this breach, it is too dangerous To offer anonymity to someone wishing to sue for defamation, attorney Virginia Dufresne Lemmer, who represents DSN And the netizen who denounced AB

It takes being a celebrity More responsibilities, More No more rights, from her point of view.

Granting anonymity to a star would be unfair to Some She appealed to those who would not enjoy the same rights.

The media opposes anonymity

We cannot create a parallel system where applicants will act anonymouslyadded Me Christian Leblanc, who spoke on behalf of Radio-Canada and duty.

He noted that another well-known figure in Quebec, Gilbert Rozon, is suing for defamation of two women who she claims were sexually assaulted. Actions are not anonymous.

Creating a parallel system in which the disapproving people refer their cases in a special way, to me, is very dangerous, begged. This can give the wrong impression that Going to court can cause harm. While it is a false hypothesis.

The social debate Created by DSN he is Important Me Leblanc emphasized that it was essential that the Quebec community be able to follow her.

The judge issues reservations

Judge Sylvain Losier placed the case on probation, making no reservations throughout the hearing.

The problem of drawing attention to the allegations one wishes to suppress, Often a feature of defamation lawsuitsHe noted that courts easily grant publication bans to a victim of sexual assault.

But there, here, we have no victims, but someone is accused of being an aggressor, qualified, adding that however أنه difficulty With anonymous convictions on social networks.

At the moment, the user has pledged not to post on social media about AB, but his name remains on the list DSN.

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DSN Already sued for $50,000

managers DSN They are already the target of a $50,000 defamation lawsuit from Montrealer, Jean-François Marquis, whose name is on the list, but he claims he has nothing to be ashamed of.

The DSN was created in 2017 in the wake of the movement to denounce “me too” sexual misconduct. Directors, Delphine Bergeron and A. a. , defended general interest behind the menu allowing community protection And the Free the voice of the victims, according to them.

While awaiting trial, DSN He will apply to the Court of Appeals so that A. a. Unidentified, having been sexually assaulted.

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