A cloud of sand will sink over France today

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[EN VIDÉO] Desert sand cloud over France
This phenomenon occurs several times a year but this time is particularly dense and widespread, resulting in stunning images.

after l Cloud From the exceptional sand that swept France Last March 15then that of March 28 Less powerful, a new cloud of sand from the desert is currently affecting the country. Still talking about the famous Sirocco: this Wind A storm is blowing over the desert pushes desert sand In the atmosphere, these particles are of interest to France until Wednesday.

This strong southern flow is generating large amounts of dust this Tuesday over Occitanie, Normandy and Hautes-de-France: these are present in greater quantities than during the March 28 event, but not as much during the March 15 sand cloud that caused orange skies over much of the country And coloring mountain ranges.

Moderate followed by sand rain

rise this air Heat and drought from North Africa have raised temperatures in France: the 20°C mark has been reached since Monday in much of the country. The return of turbulent weather this Tuesday, should lead to the return of sandy rain in the West, information to consider for anyone who wants to wash their car in the coming days! Et ce mercredi, de nouvelles particules de sable vont remonter et toucheront particulièrement le Sud-Ouest : le ciel sera probablement gris-jaune et les quelques averses qui tomberont seront à nouveau de chargée s’ sable, I. from France. The peaks of the Pyrenees are expected to turn orange again, causing the snows that fell last week to melt even faster.

France under a sand cloud from the desert until Thursday at least

Article from Karen DurandPosted on March 16, 2022

The strong southern flow continues to bring large amounts of desert sand over the country through Thursday. Discover pictures of the sand-covered southwest, from the Pyrenees to the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean.

A strong flow from south to southeast called “Sirocco” in meteorology, Coloring the skies of the Maghreb, Spain and a large part of France. This brings in nice air, but also causes a cloud of sand to move from the desert to France and beyond, towards the British Isles and Holland.

Winds gusted up to 110 km/h in North Africa and Awtan winds up to 100 km/h in the southwest on Monday, Push these dust particles across the region. A condition that occurs on average one to three times annually in southern France, with varying degrees of severity.

Dusty skies, colorful mountains and a pollution ring

This week’s episode, one of the strongest of the last 10 years, especially on Tuesday, a large layer of sand covered the peaks of the Pyrenees, making it look like the dunes of the desert! this coloring coat Snowfall in the Pyrenees will have an effect onwhitenessBy reducing snow reflection: therefore, brown snow should melt much faster than white snow.

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Sand is also present on roads and cars from the Occitanie region to Ile-de-France, including in Paris after the sandy rains Monday evening and Tuesday morning, an exceptional occurrence.

This is amazing sand height Not easy, because during the strongest episodes, a Peak fine particle pollution can register. This deterioration in air quality is related to particulate matter PM10 It is more likely to exacerbate respiratory problems in people who are already susceptible. This sand contains not only pollutants, but also bacteria And mushroom.

this is the weather dusty It also has another consequence, which is the blocking of the sky, and even its coloring in the strongest episodes. On the past Tuesday and Wednesday, skies appeared to be hazy over much of the country, limiting the intensity of the sun’s rays. the sun. This milky sky has taken on orange in three-quarters of the country, as has already happened in recent years in the same type of weather. Because of this sand-laden cloud cover, temperatures that were expected to rise on Wednesday are finally lower than expected. This phenomenon will continue next Thursday, before the wind direction changes and rain returns between Thursday evening and Friday morning.

In Algeria and Spain, the skies on Monday turned red, giving apocalyptic skies over southern Europe and the Maghreb.

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