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A deal that shocked Marchessault

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Quebecer Jonathan Marchessault begins his sixth campaign under the colors of the Vegas Golden Knights as the defector spent the best moments of his career. Despite his unusual run to the National Hockey League, his name is at the top of Nevada history.

Never drafted, the blitzing winger has slowly but surely made his way into the best hockey league in the world.

After a junior career with Quebec Remparts, the Cap Rouge native played more than 300 American Hockey League (AHL) games before establishing himself definitively at the Pittman Arena.

His 30 goals and 21 assists for the Florida Panthers will convince the Knights to set their sights on Quebec during the expansion draft at the end of the 2016-17 season.

Since then, in five campaigns, Marchessault leads the team in terms of the number of goals, assists, points and matches played.

“I am proud. Especially considering where I come from. I am proud, but I am not satisfied. I think you should never be satisfied. You always have to want more. I will never stop wanting more until I lift the Stanley Cup,” the aged athlete hinted 31 years old in an interview with GC.

The Golden Knights missed the most recent qualifier, a first in youth history, although there is a more than complete roster with Mark Stone, Jack Eshel and Alex Petrangelo, to name a few.

“It’s been a mentally tough year. In every game, we’ve had players on the sidelines. Our performance, I see as disappointing. On the other hand, we’ve played a lot of hockey in previous seasons. This rest will benefit us and allow us to get back to health. Now we can focus on the moment. current, as in our first year,” the hockey man emphasized.

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Speaking of this famous first season worthy of a Hollywood script, it will forever remain in Marchesault’s memory.

“So far, this has been my best year in hockey ever. Right now, we can’t look past. I believe in our organization. If everyone does their job, we will be successful.”

change behind the seat

A new era is dawning in Vegas. Head coach Bruce Cassidy will attempt to correct the crossbar, who will succeed Peter Debore.

“I think he proved to be good Fitness Trainer. He takes his teams to the playoffs. The biggest difficulty we have for four or five years is our numerical advantage. Cassidy has always had a good power game. I am confident ”, always according to Marchesault’s words.

Surprise Jonathan Huberdeau

Once again, the off season has been rich with twists and turns this summer in the NHL. The highlight through the Bettman circuit remains the deal that sent Quebec’s Jonathan Huberdeau to other skies via a monster deal between the Florida Panthers and Calgary Flames.

“I was shocked when I learned about the trade. I found this weird. He’s a franchise player. He’s the kind of guy you want to build your team. Currently, Huberdeau is probably among the top three passers in the NHL. It’s a shame, but it’s part of the Business. The flames will be good for many years.”

The Return of Patrice Bergeron

The thought of retirement probably crossed the mind of Boston Bruins point guard Patrice Bergeron. The captain finally agreed to a one-season contract worth $2.5 million, who will play the 19th season in yellow and black uniforms.

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“It’s in him, he wants to win and perform. Once again, Bergeron will stand the chance of winning the highest honors. Probably one of the best careers for a Quebec guy! He’s an example. He kind of inspires me. It’s nice to rub shoulders with him during the summer and see how hard it is.” His work,” concluded the knights forward.

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