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A family bond breaks down on TV

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I’m really puzzled. The melee of the melee house. Here’s why. devoured the novel family bond Written by Nadine Bismuth when it was published in the fall of 2018. I gave it as a gift, gave it to all my relatives and sang it until he lost his voice, like Jarrow after 271 consecutive performances of Notre Dame Paris.

The television adaptation of this wonderful book, which has been on Extra of Tou.TV since the beginning of August, fits well with the original story, with the same fallible characters and the same complex family problems. However, I did not start in the six episodes offamily bondDirected by Sophie Loren and written by Nadine Bismuth herself. As if jumping to the small screen stripped the story of its irony and unique attention to detail.

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I wasn’t seduced, but I persevered. Nobody forced me to spend six hours in two evenings. Bing! lively! prisoners! Somehow, I enjoyed it. But not much. Hence my confusion. How can a series faithful to a book elicit the opposite reaction as reading the same plot?

First, Radio Canada offers almost family bond Like a romantic comedy, with close-up shots of people falling in love in slow motion, Nadine Bismouth’s bittersweet novel chronicles the cries of marital disappointment.

These two poles are incompatible. Especially with the end of the series, which must captivate viewers who have not read the book. Whoops.

written, family bond It is about adultery, manipulation, jealousy, revenge, and the desire for perfection to the extreme, with the unexplained disappearance of a young woman as a backdrop. Moved to the screen, it all seems, alas! , too shallow and one-dimensional to often shake the heroes, who tear themselves apart when a netizen demolishes their work on a Google feedback page. Calm down, Lord!

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The two main characters infamily bond It’s hard to like and support. There is Magali (Rachel Gratton), a high-end kitchen designer, who lives in Montreal with her lawyer boyfriend Mathieu (Pierre-Yves Cardinal) and their 5-year-old daughter. A couple of typical bohemian bourgeoisie of the Rosemont region.

At the other end of the spectrum is police officer Guillaume (Maxime Allard), who lives on the South Shore and who shares custody of his teenage with his ex-wife (Emily Bebeau), whom he renames a “dominant leprechaun”. What is a thousand times.

Stylist Magali Mixed. Her boyfriend cheats on her, she cheats on her boyfriend with her partner (Maxime de Coutret), she feels captivated by her life, which she endures instead of taking her head on. You can feel it has gone extinct and roared aimlessly, the breadth of a hair.

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Maxime Allard plays Guillaume, a bare-knuckle South Shore cop who conforms to the wishes of others.

Policeman Guillaume is a very handsome flat, routine man, without much of a backbone. A man without rest bowed to the desires of others. Let’s say Guillaume doesn’t cause fireworks in our TVs.

Unified by the family bond brought up in the series title, these two pivotal characters intersect, as Magali’s mother (played by Chantal Fontaine) begins dating Guillaume’s father (played by Jacques Laureux).

Clouds admire Magali who, how do you say, is mysterious. Does Magalie love Guillaume or is she flirting? family bond He plays on this emotional mystery for too long (no disclaimers here).

Several minor characters steal the show from our heroes, including Matthew’s mistress, beautiful Sophie (Virginie Ranger-Beauregard), as well as the law firm’s teacher, played briefly by Masha Limonchik. Emily Bebeau, a sinister ex-wife, inherits the deadliest of the dynasty. Also, Julie Ringgit managed to make her beloved beauty in the tacky suburbs, but the heart in the right place.

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On the other hand, health food blogger Noémie O’Farrell’s personality is obnoxious and unbearable. We don’t understand what his partner found and why he’s staying with her. It’s as thick as butter on vegan turmeric cakes.

The series is lacking in rhythm, we go from comic to dramatic in a rather bumpy way, and why did you add so much background music? It gets annoying. The last episode hastily ties the threads and the chapter on the disappearance of the girl ends abruptly.

Bravo, however, for the selection of songs written by Charlotte Cardin, which permeate each episode. A nice nod to really love In the fifth Christmas episode, the tension between two exchanges of $50 gifts boils over.

It pains me to write these rather harsh words, because I adore Nadine Bismuth as much as I adore Sophie Loren. Perhaps the frustrated admirer is speaking here, not the critic. In my entourage, I like many people with good judgment very much family bond. The series should be released by Tou.TV Extra to land on Radio Canada Television in the coming months.

In conclusion, many of you asked me where to watch the third season of Appears (turbulence, in French), which is neither on Netflix (English) nor on Tou.TV’s Extra. Here’s the answer: the niche channel Max will start broadcasting turbulence 3 Wednesday 1He is September 8 p.m. Please return to your seat, we begin to descend to our final destination, thank you.

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