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A female dog from NWT. Take his steps in the cinema

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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The couple live in Vancouver, have kept animals since the early 2000s, and adopted Lexi of High River in 2018 when she was 4 months old.

The bitch has since appeared in four Hallmark films, the most recent of which was released this year. If only I had Christmas. DrAfter Mr. Woodley, this movie really started Lexie’s career: I spent more time training it and absorbed everything, like a sponge.

Lexi has also starred in the last two episodes of supernatural, TV series that finished its 15th and final season this year.

It was a pretty big roleSteve Woodley confirmed.

However, it took, at first, Lexi was just a pet at Woodley’s home when she first arrived in British Columbia. Then, over time, after getting used to the couple and visiting movie sets, Lexi got used to being around a lot of people and was able to train for acting in movies.

When you’re with 200 people [sur un plateau de tournage]There are a lot of procedures.

Quote from:Steve Woodley, animal trainer

Mr. Woodley thinks Lexie might be picked for an Academy Award for her role in a film in progress in which she stars as three actors who make up a family.

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