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Aircraft 5 – Canadian 0 | Banded silence

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We’ve repeated over and over again how experienced players, both real and real, are in the Canadian locker room this season.

Simon Oliver LawrangeSimon Oliver Lawrange

Richard LappeRichard Lappe

Since September, several Stanley Cup winners have been added to this club that now takes it through a metal detector before boarding forever.

Imagine: Just two weeks ago, newborn Eric Stahl from Buffalo was so happy to join a group of well-equipped leaders that he had [lui-même] Tt [son] Energy. ”

Where were all these wise men, all these recruits, on Saturday night? We’re still looking for them, after this 5-0 defeat to the Winnipeg Jets, which is one of the most embarrassing things this season as there was no shortage of performance.

“We expect a better reaction from our players,” coach Dominic Ducharme said frankly after the match. He promised, “We will take the necessary measures to move in the right direction.”

Let’s make a quick list of those veterans who would have liked the “better reaction”.

In the third term, Corey Berry received a 10-minute misconduct sentence, and he was about to explode so much that his coach preferred to send him to the locker room (watch the video on this topic).

Invisible since his goal in extra time last Monday, Eric Stahl has been downgraded to the fourth streak. Joel Edmundson tricked him by throwing the glove in front of polished Logan Stanley, who didn’t want to know anything. An embarrassing shift from Shea Weber gave Jets the fifth goal. The last of Geoff Petrie led to the first.

We continue? Tyler Toffoli got five hits. This is not a good indicator for a player who is supposed to have a pinch on his stick. Will Jonathan Drouin score another goal? We really don’t know.

In fact, the player who showed the most character in this game is probably Jake Evans. On the edge of an abyss, he began the fight against Josh Morrissey in the final third. The featherweight duel didn’t last long, but it betrayed the young midfielder’s level of disgust.

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“A lot of the men were upset,” he said after the meltdown.

In his view, this defeat is a serious call for the regime.

We can only trust our skills: We are a team built on depth, and when everyone gets involved, we can be a great team. We must quickly change the way we do things.

Jake Evans

Shoot your foot

Far from us is the idea of ​​turning iron in the wound, but it is good to remember the wise words of Dominic Ducharme uttered on Saturday morning.

Asked what his team must amend so that he forgets their defeat this week, his answer was blunt: “Don’t shoot your foot.”

This means, minimizing, or even erasing, avoidable errors, and most of all, costly mistakes.

Not even after eight hours, it’s as if his players wanted to do the exact opposite. Really no: the first ten minutes were all in favor of CH, Jets didn’t even shoot the ball on target. Then it all collapsed.

Once again, it was a very “negative” confinement, also “in their wake”, for using Dominic Ducharme’s words. In Toronto on Wednesday, the coach lamented the “bystanders” role his men had given themselves.

There is clearly a trend that is scoring very steeply: Al Kindy has suffered a third consecutive loss in regulatory time for the first time this season. A succession of five bad matches in February allowed for a three-point grab. It is a pity to remember that, he was distinguished by the dismissal of Claude Julian.

Eric Stahl knows a lot about losing streaks. When trading with the Hab, the Sword had just suffered 16 straight losses. With full knowledge of the facts, he now assures us that the time is not to panic in CH.

He said, “We have a good group: the men are competing and showing up to play.” It just isn’t going well, but these are the moments that will bring us together. We still have a lot of opportunities [de faire mieux]Lots of games. We have to forget the past and prepare to take on Maple Leaves on Monday. ”

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Thomas Tatar made the same call for solidarity. “It’s a team sport,” he recalls. It’s everyone’s fault so we have to fix things together. We have a lot of veterans, and we’ll talk to each other. ”

Ducharme added, by calling for consistency, by insisting that “everyone cares about the success of the team.”

“A month left. We want a good end to the season.”

However, to get there, “you have to be better than that.”

There is no better way to sum it up.

in detail

Berry in the locker room!

It wasn’t a great Canadian night out on a Saturday at the Bell Center … and it wasn’t a good night for Corey Perry either. The veteran striker was suspended for 10 minutes for misbehavior in the third inning, and simply didn’t return to the bench afterward, with 13:43 remaining on the board. Strange … Explanation from Dominic Ducharme: “We preferred to go to the locker room… That was the best thing. Understand from this that Berry was about to wind into a boat, and that the Canadian chose to ask him to go home before he got up We insist: Strange. Just before he was sent off (shouting at the referee), Perry ran into Connor Hilleboyk. Goalkeeper Gates responded with a stick. “He’s an illegal player and I have enough,” Hellebuyck summed up at the end of the meeting. She no longer invites to the same barbecue party. …

Revoici Leskinen

With Victor Mitte going through a tough Thursday night against the same planes, it was necessary to turn things around a little, and he was the one who suffered Saturday night. In his place, Otto Leskinen played his first match of the season with the Canadian. The defender was doing well with Laval Rocket, with 14 points in 23 matches and a +13 rating in the MLS. For the 24-year-old, it was the second round in the National Hockey League, having played five matches with the Canadians last season. As expected, Leskinen wasn’t seen much during the Saturday Night Meeting, the one who played 16 minutes 23 seconds of playing time, and he didn’t have a very big night. But he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t spent a big night with this team in defense.

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Another tough evening for Darwin

No, Jonathan Drouin was definitely not the only striker to have had a tough evening on this lovely Saturday night at the Bale Center. Except for his condition, it has become a habit, and what’s more, it’s a bad habit. Quebec got a shot on goal, but nothing on the scoring sheet, giving him now a seven-game winning streak without him being able to collect any points. Of course, it’s still his lack of matches without being able to score that hasn’t put a single ball into the back of the net since February 23. Drwin came close to scoring in the first half, but in hockey, we know getting close doesn’t give much. Plus, you need to know more about her.

They said

We played better this time, we thought we could be successful if we put the disc behind their defenders. We took advantage of our chances to register.

Andrew Cobb

The plan was to hit them with some pucks … it was a stressful game and it was not an easy game. But we were able to follow our game plan.

Matteo Perrault

They have a good team, but we pressed until we got what we wanted. Most lockdowns are group closings and it wasn’t any different this time.

Connor Hillboick


Jake Evans

Along with Paul Byron, Evans was possibly the best striker in CHH’s first two terms. It gives an idea of ​​the pace of the game.

In decline

Corey Berry

We were spoiled for choice. But the veteran was in good standing before the meeting. I stopped dead.

Match number


The 12 Canadian forwards scored 9 shots on target. Perry claimed three, and Danault, two. Therefore, the other ten participated in 4 small throws.

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