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A good deed earns him a car and a bunch of peanuts

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The British Colombian who made headlines for helping to drive an American family to the Canada-Alaska border, will soon be able to make the same journey in an all-new car.

Nick Wells
The Canadian Press

Fort St. John-based Canadian ranger and veteran warrior Gary Bath came to the aid of Lynn Marchesault and her children when they were caught in a snowstorm last November.

The Planters of America praised this good deed, showing it to Mr. Bath and Mr.I am New Marchessault vehicles plus a lifetime supply of peanuts.

“They wrote to us [Facebook] Mr Bath said in an interview with Rasul when he tried to contact us. Their message was like, “I know this is going to sound crazy, but trust us, it’s true.”

“I was in a state of great shock. I thought the story had passed and we were over,” he admits.

The awards are part of a decision the company has made to ditch expensive Super Bowl ads this year and use that money instead to reward Good Samaritans. Planters say they are spending $ 5 million on this initiative.

At the beginning of November, M.I am Marchesault and her two children were on their way to Alaska from Georgia to join her husband when they found themselves in disarray near a makeshift working hotel by the side of the road in Pink Mountain, British Columbia.

Bath says her car was not equipped with winter tires and was not used to driving on snow-covered roads.

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He heard about their unfortunate accident from friends on Facebook and shared it with his wife.

She finished reading and said: Why are you still here and not helping her? ”

Mr Bath says the two families are now close and speaks to M.I am Marchesault.

He and his wife even sent perfect Canadian gifts to the master.I am Marchessault for Christmas: Ketchup and Tim Hortons.

Mr. Bath admits to being astonished at the amount of attention his story has garnered around the world.

“Nothing, what I did. I just sat in the truck and drove for a few days. He says” Nothing is important to me. ”

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