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In a galaxy near you in the Shawicon’s epicenter of light

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The event, a tribute to popular culture, had to adapt to the epidemic. Like most events, everything is done online this year, which provides interesting opportunities for organizers.

We always see them on TV or in the theater. They are very difficult people. We have taken advantage of sanitary measures, Recognizes Shawicon founder, Nino Mancuso.

Stefan Crete (Brad Spitfire), Melanie Maynard (Petrulia Barento Stanislavsky), Real Boss (Serge) and Sylvie Morrow (Valence Leclerc) spent more than 45 minutes narrating their memories and filming tales for the host Dennis Talbot.

During four seasons, the characters of the series took their places on a spacecraft and tried to find a new habitable planet to take humans to.

The ozone layer has been said to have been completely destroyed by carbon dioxide from cars, chemical industries and pouche-pouche en cacanne (Sic).

The story takes place in the year 2034. It is [NDLR: L’auteur, Claude Legault] It wasn’t that madness in his delirium. We’re leaving around 2034 and we’re in some kind of impressive environmental disaster. Claude was already inhabited by this in 1994 , Mentions actor Stefan Kret, who played Brad Spitfire.

Two films were also shot under the same concept. Sylvie Moreau also praised Claude Legault’s skills as an author and actor.

Conveying ideas and principles. If we get together for the task, we are more likely to succeed than if we went individually Explaining that this is a good education for younger viewers.

Laughed, cried and bruised

They went through a series of emotions and befriended over the course of the filming years. From comedy to drama, the actors have had to show great diversity.

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And we did our stunts by ourselves , Confirms Real Boss who remembers he accidentally hit Claude Legault (Flavien Bouchard) during a scene.

There was a desire not to harm friends. I used to hit Brad a lot, but the only one I hit with a sword was ClaudeThe actor laughs.

Didier Lucien (Bob Diodonet Marceline) actually had to leave the stage on a stretcher. He also told Sylvie Morrow (Valence Leclerc) that he suffered from tinnitus for several weeks after recording a scene.

The fax machine went off. In practice, there were no special effects. I was told that there would be no problems during filming and that it was not dangerous, but it really does explode in my ear. Film insurance companies were very afraid! I was also afraid to stay like that. My ears wandered around for a few weeks.

Fans who attended the live chat on the Shawicon website or on social networks were able to pose some questions to the comedians. In particular, it was about the future projects of the group, including the possibility of recording a third film.

Claude tells me there will be a comic release around the same time that the third movie is released, but every time he tells us about it, we see that he’s made his fourth series. Let’s say it delays work a little bit (laughs), but yeah, yeah, it’s up in the air Still dressed as Melanie Maynard in the latest movie.

International presence

Francois Beerus, Bonnie Wright (who plays Jenny Wesley in Harry Potter), and Robert Englund (who played the popular horror film character Freddy Krueger) participate in Shawicon’s 2021 virtual activities.

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