A hypothetical 24 hour demo of Damien Robitaille

Because he wants to “thank his many fans around the planet”, Damien Robitaille, who has lit up social networks with his “Songs of the Day” since the beginning of the pandemic, will present a virtual show on October 9 that will run … 24 hours.

Jose Labuante

Jose Labuante

“Contacting them helped me a lot and helped me get through this pandemic,” the singer-songwriter explains.

This interactive show “Which will be 8 PM all the time and everywhere!” So is the return of the pendulum to the man’s orchestra, where the audience will be able to ask him questions as well as make special requests. There will also be surprise guests, a made from Of his songs today and of course his dog Suki.

The Damien Robitaille-World Tour From October 9 at 8 pm to October 10 at 8:59 pm, on the singer’s Facebook page, YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Visit Damien Robitaille’s Facebook page

Visit Damien Robitaille’s YouTube account

Consult Damien Robitaille’s Instagram account

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