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A little fun for Rouge et Or

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The Rouge et Or players were frankly happy to find the atmosphere of the match at Telus Stadium. The announcer of the house, the music, and even the booming sound of the shoulder pads reverberated to everyone’s delight. The 24-match mock match allowed the staff to answer a few questions.

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“I’m happy with what we did today. There were a few things to improve and we were a bit rusty, but it was important to give the guys some redundancy to connect. It doesn’t happen often. It doesn’t happen often,” said coach Glen Constantin, who said he was a little concerned, with the match inside. The team that was canceled in Sherbrooke on Friday due to the COVID-19 situation, I think every day we spend on the field is a good day.” About what to do next.

Offensive coordinator Justin Ether preferred to focus on the positive side of things.

“It’s extraordinary to finally have a festive atmosphere for our players. We really missed that. I’m very happy with what I saw from the offensive unit. We ran the ball well and when we made mistakes, we got back up well,” stressing that he will decide the midfielder on Tuesday.

Thomas Boldock was also satisfied with his performance, apart from the intercepted pass in Anton Hay’s hand which brought him back to land in the most exciting game in the game.

Thomas Bolduc showed great confidence in leading the Laval offensive.

Image courtesy, Rouge et Or / Mathieu Tanguay

Thomas Bolduc showed great confidence in leading the Laval offensive.

“The ball just slipped out of my hand, it was a good read. It would happen and I think I delivered the goods after that. It was great seeing people in the stands. I am very satisfied with my camp so far.”

Arnaud Desjardins also performed well in attack. He was especially strong during his first attack streak where we can admire the extra dimension he can bring with his legs.

“I felt good and really liked the atmosphere. It was great trying this for the first time. The second series was more difficult, but it is normal to see the ordeals and I think I recovered after that.”

There were a lot of smiles after the match. Every unit had a great time and Justin Ether confirmed that his attack will, as usual, use a back-to-back panel for this season.

Today was a test for the Director of the Sports Activities Department at Laval University, Julie Dion.

“Public Health was here to assess the whole process to welcome the spectators and the course of the day. It has been positive and we will be waiting for recommendations. There will be some adjustments to how people get in and out, but it went really well. I’m confident I will get the green light next week.”

The Rouge et Or boss also confirmed that he has received instructions from Football Quebec regarding the next steps. A squad can have no more than 100 players in its ranks and there will be a maximum of 50 players dressed up during matches.

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“This is not a problem for the collegiate sector, because the number of players in dress is 48. It is the college squads that have to learn management, because they have 60 players who are dressed in normal times. Teams cannot do the warm-up at the same time either. We will have to be ready for more Adjustments next week.

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