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A live broadcast from the universe dedicated to Michel Louvain

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Our season is over, our decor is partially disassembled, but he’s Michel. And because he’s Michelle, we wanted to tell ourselves, to sing along with the music with our own songs and with his favorite songs that we had in our survey.

France Baudouin
Live from the Universe, dedicated to Michel Louvain, Photo: Attraction Image

Letters of love and tribute erupted this week, upon the announcement of the death of Michel Louvain, 83, a true icon of Quebec’s art scene for more than 60 years.

This special program, set in barely 48 hours, invited the big names in the song to the stage: Marie Denis Pelletier, Renee Simard, Mario Belshat, Renee Martel, Patsy Galant, Shirley Terrox, Marie-Michel Desrosse, France Castel, Marc Herveau, Marie Ellen Thebert, Paul Becchi, Maxime Landry, Veronique Decker, Carol Egan, etc.

At the end of the show, an entire group came together to sing her biggest hit, The lady in blue. The conductor of the orchestra was Michel Louvain, its organizer and partner, Daniel Peschi, on the stage on the piano.

Watch a performance The lady in blueAnd the In honor of Michel Louvain.

Mario Belshat, Patsy Galant and France Castel sing in a chair and a microphone in their hand.
“The Lady in Blue”, a tribute to Michel Louvain. Photo: Image of Attraction

Live from the universe He will return in the fall for the thirteenth season.

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