Manitoba farmers worry about seed time

What’s a little worrying about watching the weather is that there is a possibility of continued rain on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. The longer the sowing is delayed, the greater the impact on potential yieldssays the owner of a family farm business in St-François-Xavier, west of Winnipeg, Lionel Ferret.

President of the representative association of agricultural producers in Manitoba. Keystone Company for Agricultural Producers (KAP) What farmers want most now is good weather, says Bill Campbell.

Before going into the fields, the snow must disappear, water levels drop and dry up. At the moment, sowing is not on the minds of farmers. Hope a lot of heat until it meltsHe says.

According to Campbell, farmers will not be ready to plant for three or four weeks. He explains that before starting the whole thing, the machines should be able to spin on the ground, without causing damage due to the very wet ground.

He went, Each subsequent sedimentation system delays sowingwarns Mr. Campbell.

Bill Campbell expects sowing to take place in late May or early June, under optimal conditions. He says farmers are waiting for these conditions before planting their thousands of dollars’ worth of seeds.

president Keystone Company for Agricultural Producers Farmers are advised that they should plant their crop seeds by June 15 to be fully covered by the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC).

According to the website of Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (A new window)Some crops can be planted by June 20 to be covered by insurance.

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Cultures that can change

Lionel Ferret, owner of the St-François-Xavier family farmland business, adds that the harvest season is so short in Manitoba that weather challenges may force farmers to change their game plans.

Some crops are 90 days old, other crops are a little longer. If planting is delayed, farmers may have to change crops due to not having enough time.he explains.

Mr. Ferret notes that corn, soybean and sunflower crops are crops that require sowing before the end of May. He believes that wheat would be a good alternative because this crop is growing rapidly.

Lionel Ferret emphasizes, however, that rainfall at regular intervals is important once the seeds are sown.

With information from Simon Deschamps and Alexia Bille

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