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A meeting between CAQ and protesters in Drummondville

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These demonstrators from various organizations want to make François Legault hear their discontent. In total, there are more than 2,000 people on site, the majority of whom are members of the Federation of Public and Semi-Public Services of Quebec (SFPQ), who consider their working conditions to have stagnated since the CAQ came to power.

They are basically asking for a compensation salary from the government. On average, they earn up to 30% less than workers in the private and municipal sectors.

We have been negotiating with the CAQ government for two years. […] We represent 27,000 earning members [des salaires annuels] From $24,000 to $60,000. We have people right now who are having a hard time getting there [financièrement] at the end of the monthcondemns Jean-Francois Silvestre, Vice President in charge of mobilizing SFPQ.

This mobilization allowed union leaders in the organization to meet with the president of the Conseil du Trésor du Québec, Sonia LeBel. For them, this meeting is evidence that the rally was not organized in vain.

We are satisfied. First, the people out there, our members. We can have a discussion [avec Sonia LeBel] On the extended side on both sides and yes, we hope the mandates will be granted and we will reach a speedy settlementVice President witnessed SFPQPatrick O’Day.

With the epidemic, our people have provided basic services to the population, such as education and health, and this is still not recognized. »

Quote from Patrick O’Day, Vice President SFPQ

community gatherings

To the SFPQ members were added, on Saturday, several actors from the community sector. Among them, the People’s Action Front for Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU) denounces the deterioration of the living conditions of tenants in recent years under the Legault government.

approaching 1Verse July, the organization fears that people will find themselves on the street without housing.

This deterioration in the housing situation has consequences for the communities. These are people forced to leave their neighbors, change neighborhoods, change towns. People see poverty and a loss of quality of life. As we can see, anxiety is growing. There is a sense of insecurity among the tenants, among other things with the proliferation of renovations and the absence of an alternative.supports the FRAPRU pool organizer, Véronique Laflamme.

It is this anxiety that has led people to pretend to tell the government that we have to wake up, and we have to deal with it. We really hope you hear the message before the election campaign. »

Quote from Véronique Laflamme, FRAPRU pool organizer

Protesters anti-sewage measures

Demonstrators against the sanitary measures spread to the outskirts of the CAQ conference, community and union gatherings. They denounced decisions taken by provincial and federal governments during the outbreak of the pandemic.

Police authorities are on the streets of Drummondville this weekend. They want to avoid flooding. So far, no noteworthy events have been reported.

The CAQ Conference, held throughout the weekend, will gather 1,000 to 1,400 activists.

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