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Marielope Wolf: When one goes to the region, it means luxury

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Going to settle in the area is synonymous with many to allocate large spaces closer to nature and achieve a change in life that provides serenity, and a way to enjoy luxury. After the documentary series, big moveanimation and directed by Mariloup Wolfe, here now the book offers many tips so that the experiment is a success.

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“This is the first documentary series I have made and I loved the experience, I was so well surrounded by diving into this adventure and sure to do other things,” launched Mariloup Wolfe who added that she had to give up in many respects.

“You don’t make a documentary in the same way as a fantasy series. I like to have complete control over the image, but I had to review my plans, I wanted the truth in my relationship with them and was able to relate to people, I cried with them and reaped beauty and authenticity. It brought me so much on a human level.”

The idea of ​​launching a book about documentaries is also her first try.

“It complements the show, we had rich content,” she said.

quality of life

In this big movementWe follow families who often leave the city to settle in the regions.

Sometimes it’s homecoming, other times it’s a whole new adventure.

Mariloup followed them on their project.

“Every family I meet is interested in improving their quality of life, even if they do so for different reasons,” notes Marielope Wolf.

It is clear that the pandemic and remote work has allowed more families to go and settle in areas in different places in Quebec. We think of Gaspésie, Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Bas-Saint-Laurent or Estrie and Laurentians. Moreover, in his book each region has been dissected for its virtues accompanied by wonderful pictures.

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By reading the book, we realize that the great outdoors, mountains, and edges of water are often favourites, synonymous with dreams, freedom, or a haven of peace.

We want to hear the sound of the waves to fight anxiety, we choose for the forest to breathe fresh air, hiking can be reached just a few minutes from the house as well as various sports.

Several tips

Before doing a stretch big movementIt is important, however, to ask the right questions.

Mariloup included it in his book. if it was big movement Often crushing, it is also necessary to justify before doing so.

“There is no such thing as a visit, or even several visits, to get to know an area,” she asserts.

We must also question our tolerance for cold. Winters in Quebec can be harsh, especially in the mountainous regions.

Services and entertainment are also to be taken into consideration. In principle, houses in the region are less expensive than in the city, however, it will be necessary to think about acquiring a second car.

Living by the water is fun, but you also have to consider the risks associated with flooding.

“So that big movement It works 100%, I noticed that the periphery is important, and it is especially necessary to re-create a new circle of friends ”, defines Mariloup.

If many have certain concerns before leaving, so far all participants in big movement He did not regret their decision.

“We want peace, quiet, more family time and well-being and in the areas where they find it all plus some kind of inner peace. These people made me dream. I wouldn’t rule out re-a big movement ‘, she concludes.

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