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A mysterious blue light illuminated the New Zealand sky

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Sunday 19 June a Mysterious luminous whirlwind travel in the sky Layla from New Zealand. The snail first appeared over the town of Nelson on the South Island of New Zealand, then continued its path south to Stewart Island. “It looked huge spiral galaxyhanging there in the sky and slowly drifting through”Alasdair Burns said, astronomer Hobby. Another resident of the island testified: “It looked like a planet or a star. It was just a white dot with a small vortex. Within 10 minutes, he crossed half the sky and tripled the size of the helix. »

to the color Blue, that’s weird light Actually from a missile Falcon 9 From X . space ! The Globalstar DM15 satellite was launched on Sunday morning on board, which Rocket Then they released his payload and then spinned and vented the fuel. It was this fuel discharge that caused a column of steam to flow out reflecting light from Sunand then create the mysterious whirlwind blue ! according to New Plymouth Astronomical Society, “Similar effects have already been observed, and the global star SpaceX You will likely have passed New Zealand by then. »

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