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A new formula for communicating with newcomers to Témiscamingue

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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The organization holds a monthly meeting café at its premises so that newcomers can discuss and network.

This activity is highly regarded by participants who see it as an opportunity to create new connections, despite the pandemic context.

The health measures put an end to the outreach activities organized by Carrefour jeunesse emploi du Témiscamingue.

So the organization decided to organize KAWA every Wednesday where once a month newcomers and immigrants are invited to a lunch between 7am and 9am.

We, as a community organization, had standardized procedures that were more flexible than going to a public place. We told ourselves that coffee, we will bring it home and make it at home and organize it ourselves, explains CJET’s Multicultural Project Officer, Guillaume Gonzalez.

The formula, by invitation, has gathered about fifteen people since October.

To connect with them, to bring them together. As we can see, there are beginnings of friendship developing. They meet and talk to each other in the morning and introduce themselves and there are discussions that are born, rejoices the multicultural project administrator.

break the isolation

Pamela Gagnon participates in her third luncheon meeting. I arrived in Témiscamingue in April to work in the forestry sector. She ensures that many initiatives have been put in place to make her feel welcome, particularly from her co-workers and from CJET.

It has merged in other regions in the same context of the epidemic, but it is really easier in Témiscamingue. People are open and that’s reassuring. [Les cafés-rencontres]It’s warm, comfortable, fun and everyone is open minded. It’s morning, so it changes the kind of activities we can usually do in the integration form, as you say.

Jennifer Martin from Paris. You have obtained a leave/work permit. Since November 1, I have been part of the village team Fromagerie au. Coffee meetings allow him to break out of his solitude.

When you start meeting people and seeing other people, I think it’s important to be active and know how to break out of your isolation, especially when you’re a newcomer. I’m still glad this exists, otherwise the integration could be longer and more complexThe young woman recognizes.

Given the success of the activity, KAWA will continue Wednesday in 2022.

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