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Canadian Conservative Party leadership: Half of the members have already voted

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The party says more than 350,000 ballot papers have been received out of the 678,000 people eligible to vote for leadership.

This means that voter turnout is currently around 52%. In the 2020 party leadership race, which was won by Ontario Rep. Erin O’Toole, about 65% of members voted.

Left to right, top to bottom: Pierre Boulevard, Leslyn Louis, Jean Charest, Roman Papier, Patrick Brown, Scott Aitchison.

Photo: Radio Canada

The driving runners and their teams spent the final weeks of this race working hard to ensure that their supporters voted.

However, this year’s electoral slate is long – the total number of members is a record for a Canadian political party – so getting everyone there before the deadline is a challenge.

Leading candidate Pierre Boulevard, who has organized nearly 80 rallies across the country throughout the campaign, held his last meeting on Monday in Vancouver.

Mr. Boliever was helped by some of the 62 MPs who supported him, who organized events where supporters could vote in person.

Many party members expect Poilievre to win, after his campaign team announced the sale of more than 300,000 memberships. However, the team of Jean Charest, the former prime minister of Quebec and a main rival to Mr. Boliever, indicated that they believed they had the points needed for a slim victory.

Mr Charst hopes to win the support of Patrick Brown, who was disqualified last month over allegations he violated the country’s election law.

He has contacted the organizers who were part of Mr Brown’s team, but some party members believe that getting his supporters to agree to Mr. Charest would be easier said than done because they may now decide not to vote at all.

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The next Conservative Party leader will be announced at a conference in Ottawa on September 10.

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