A new wave can spoil spring

while the French Take off the maskThe Covid-19 epidemic is spreading again in many areas. A sixth wave of Covid-19 is expected and could damage spring.

Covid-19 infections increase in France

Since March 14, the French no longer need to wear a mask in almost all public places. The Lifting health restrictions It is a relief to the French, who are happy to be able Return to a semi-normal life. However, while the sun is shining in almost all of France, there are also many who ignore the gestures of the barrier.

Thus this neglect led to a significant increase in cases of Covid-19 virus for several days. 81,283 new cases were registered For the past 24 hours, according to Santé Publique France. The well-known sub-alternative Omicron as BA.2 Arrive In the country and became the majority. If it is not more dangerous than other viruses, it is highly contagious.

Has the sixth wave already reached France?

According to the first findings of the experts, the spring It could be disrupted by a new wave of Covid-19. So the French must now prepare for a sixth wave. The next wave has begun in EuropeScripps Research Institute researcher Eric Topol said on Twitter.

While France is just approaching winter, Temperatures are still low Promoting the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. “The epidemic is on the rise again‘, the regional health agency in Occitanie alerted. Not to mention that the French should also be careful influenza epidemic throughout the territory.

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In order to protect themselves from Covid-19, everything Person “severe immunity“You should receive him The fourth dose of the vaccine. This applies to people who have recently had a transplant, are undergoing dialysis, or even some patients with lymphoma, according to Send. For others, it’s important to maintain barrier gestures.

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