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A North Quincy High School student wins the grand prize at the regional science fair

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Quincy – North Quincy High School Sophomore Anna Lee He won the grand prize At the District 5 Science and Engineering Fair at Bridgewater State University.

Li won the Sanofi Specialty Care Grand Prize for her project “How do microalgae species reduce the effects of carbon dioxide in seawater on calcium carbonate?”

Research like hers can help reduce this problem Ocean acidificationIt is harmful to living organisms in the water.

“I tested how different types of microalgae might be able to mitigate this,” she said. “Since microalgae are photosynthetic organisms, they can absorb carbon dioxide and, hopefully, reduce the amount of carbonic acid that is created.”

High school students from 75 cities and towns presented their projects at the exhibition.

Next, Lee advances to two more competitions: the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair at Gillette Stadium in April, and the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles in May.

Lee's ninth-grade biology teacher, Nicole Kimesis, helped the students' projects from their inception in September through the science fair. .

“Anna is very curious, loves to ask questions, and loves to search for answers,” Kemesis said.

Lee wasn't the only North Quincy High School student to receive an award at the March 2 science fair. Classmates received honorable mentions and third place awards at the event.

When asked what makes the school's science department so strong, Lee said that the school and teachers support their students.

“Honestly, Dr. Kemesis is an amazing teacher. I learned a lot from her during my first year in high school, and she was also willing to answer my questions, which encouraged me to ask more,” he told me.

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Manager Daniel Gilbert echoed that sentiment.

“We have incredibly smart and talented teachers, and we have incredibly smart and talented students. That's a great combination for things like that. That's why you see a lot of kids from north (Quincy) winning,” he said.

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She told me she was interested in exploring environmental studies in college.

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