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Restaurants reopening: which barrier indicates?

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  • In the open air, where establishments can now accommodate at full capacity, it is sufficient to maintain a good distance.
  • Indoors, it is best to stand near an open door or window, or in front of the air conditioning outlet duct.
  • On the other hand, it is best to avoid sitting in front of the air conditioning entrance as well as places near kitchens and exits.

Wednesday, June 9 marks a new stage in deconstruction With the curfew reduced in particular to 11 pm and the possibility of restaurants, cafes and bars receiving customers inside. This reception will be limited to 50% load while the stands will now be able to accommodate at full capacity, in both cases a maximum of 6 people per table. If that means going back to our habits and a certain normal state, the virus will still be around. To avoid the risk of contamination as much as possible, you must follow some rules.

Outdoors, better than indoors

To take the least amount of risk, the best is to settle outside. The virus is transmitted mainly by aerosols. Fine particles stay longer in the air we breathe indoors, while they evaporate faster outdoors. Small droplets in circles also have more difficulty reaching their target outdoors because winds weaken the outlook. Thus, by maintaining social distancing, the risk of infection on the balcony is low.

If there is no outdoor space available or the weather is not suitable for the setting on the terrace, it is now possible to go inside. This does not automatically mean an increased risk of transmission. Although it is more important from the outside, good social distancing combined with good ventilation actually helps reduce risks.

Inside, follow the right strategy

To put the odds in your favor, it’s best to stand near an open door or window. If this is not possible, it is better not to sit in front of the air conditioning inlet, which is usually installed on the wall or ceiling. On the other hand, placing you in front of the air conditioning outlet duct is a good option because, in principle, the expelled air is filtered by the system.

It is best to avoid places near kitchens or outside that are likely to be important places to pass. “I sit in a corner where people don’t congregate, and where I keep my mask on until my order arrives‘, summarizes Professor of Medicine Peter Gulick at Michigan State University College, Huffington Post.

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