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Surrogacy worldwide: Canada, USA, or Ukraine?

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Surrogacy is a widely used and recognized method of overcoming fertility issues that has already gained popularity around the world.

Canada, the USA, and Ukraine are all considered favorable destinations for Surrogacy.

In this article, we will explore the Surrogacy options available in these countries to help you better prepare for this life-changing journey.

Surrogacy – The Journey That Changed Lives

Surrogacy is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology that involves a Surrogate – a healthy woman who carries and gives birth to a child for another family (Intended parents).

There are two main types of Surrogacy:

  • Traditional surrogacy involves the Surrogate using her own eggs, which are then artificially inseminated with the Intended father’s sperm. This means that the Surrogate is genetically related to the child she carries and gives birth to.
  • Gestational Surrogacy involves using genetic material (eggs or sperm) of the Donor. An embryo is created using the Intended mother’s or a Donor’s eggs and the Intended father’s or a Donor’s sperm, and it is then transferred to the uterus of the Surrogate to carry the pregnancy. In this arrangement, the Surrogate has no genetic connection with the child she gives birth to.

Surrogacy often involves legal and ethical considerations that can vary from one country to another. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully review the legislation related to Surrogacy in the specific country where you intend to initiate the Surrogacy process.

Surrogacy in Canada

Surrogacy in Canada is legally approved, but it’s not extensively regulated at the provincial level. As a result, laws and regulations can vary from one province to another. Both Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy are allowed across Canada.

An essential aspect to note about Surrogacy in Canada is that commercial Surrogacy, where a Surrogate receives compensation for her time, is prohibited. Only altruistic Surrogacy is allowed, meaning the Surrogate can only be reimbursed for reasonable expenses.

Surrogacy in the USA

Surrogacy in the USA is mostly legally approved and well-regulated, but it depends on the state. Various states within the USA have their own regulations and laws regarding Surrogacy. It’s essential for Intended parents to understand the laws and regulations in the specific state where they intend to pursue Surrogacy.

Surrogacy in Ukraine 

Surrogacy in Ukraine is legally approved and well-regulated. It has gained international popularity due to the highest quality of services, the extensive experience of fertility specialists, and the availability of renowned and certified fertility clinics. Among these establishments, ADONIS International stands out as a leading medical facility.

ADONIS has been operating in the field of fertility, which includes Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Surrogacy, for over 24 years. Its comprehensive technological infrastructure allows it to oversee every aspect of the Program to ensure successful outcomes.

Additionally, your personal manager will assist in the individual selection of a Surrogate for your family from ADONIS’s exclusive Surrogate database, comprising only healthy, fully tested candidates who are prepared to commence the Program immediately.

When you are in the process of selecting a country for Surrogacy treatment, it’s essential to consider the available options and understand the legal framework in place.

Ensuring the safety and securing the rights of the Intended parents and the child is of utmost importance.

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