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A public consultation period is opened at the federal level for GNL Quebec

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This continuation of the evaluation process at the federal level for the planned natural gas liquefaction plant project in Saguenay has once again been condemned by environmental groups.

All eyes are on the promoters. We ask them once again to withdraw their project to allow all the actors involved to turn the page., commented in a press release from several groups including Coalition Fjord, Greenpeace, Nature Québec and Équiterre.

They first made this request in mid-September when it was revealed that GNL Quebec had requestedAEIC to continue its evaluation. It has already been proven that the rating agency cannot unilaterally terminate it. To be able to proceed, GNL Quebec will have to obtain all licenses in both Quebec and the federal government.

Until October 22

As listed on the website ofAEIC, the agency invites the public and indigenous peoples to comment on the draft environmental assessment report, which includes the agency’s conclusions and recommendations on the project’s potential adverse environmental impacts.

L ‘AEIC It also seeks feedback on any potential circumstances raised as part of this environmental assessment. Once completed, these will become mandatory.

Comments will be accepted until October 22nd.

The interim report was released on Wednesday. This is where the company learned about it. GNL Québec continues the work necessary to complete its analysis of the Énergie Saguenay Project. GNL Québec will take note of the content of the Interim Environmental Assessment Report, which was drafted by the Canadian Impact Assessment Agency.The company said via a spokesperson.

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The topic resurfaced during the federal election campaign. The Conservative Party of Canada campaigned especially by indicating its support for the project. However, during the regional debate of candidates organized by Radio Canada and dailyRepresentative Richard Martel, who was re-elected Monday, assured that his party would respect Quebec’s opinion on the matter.

cash report

Just like the report prepared at the county level by the Bureau of Public Hearings on the Environment (BAPE), the reportAEIC It has a long list of large and medium negative effects.

It is especially a matter Significant impacts from greenhouse gas emissions given the scope of the project’s contribution to greenhouse gases and its impact on achieving the goals of Quebec and Canada.

L ‘AEIC worried too Significant direct and cumulative effects on marine mammals, including the beluga, given in particular the effects of underwater noise on the St. Lawrence beluga, conflicting with the objectives of recovery programs for marine mammals endangered in the St. Lawrence Estuary as well as the protected area protection mandate.

The project will also Significant direct implications for the cultural heritage of the First Inu nations, given the disruption of marine mammals that may result from increased maritime traffic.

Other changes to lobbyists

In addition, GNL Québec and its sister company, Gazoduq, have continued to make changes to the lobbyist registry. On September 15, GNL Quebec withdrew a name to retain only President Tony Lauverger and first president and promoter, Jim Elish. On the Gazoduq side, the names of four employees were withdrawn on September 21. Only the remains of Jim Elish.

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