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Conservatives lead in Charleswood-St. James Asiniboia Headingley | Canada elections 2021

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shoot : An earlier version of this article referred to Marty Morantes being declared the winner in this constituency.

The race on this ride west of Winnipeg is the tightest in Manitoba and the last where the thrill remains. On Monday evening, Radio Canada decided to re-elect 13 out of 14 deputies whose terms had expired.

Elections Canada has now counted nearly 3,500 votes that were mailed in for three days. Marty Morantz was leading by about 170 votes at once. As of Wednesday, he was only 24 votes ahead of Liberal Doug Eolfson.

Votes will be recounted due to the small gap between the candidates. In fact, votes are automatically recounted when the difference between candidates is less than one-thousandth of the total votes cast, according to Elections Canada.

If Marty Morantes’ re-election is confirmed, Manitoba will have elected seven Conservative Representatives, four Liberals and three New Democratic Representatives. It will also be the only province in the country that has re-elected all outgoing deputies.

number takes time

Elections Canada has warned that it may take several days before the winner of this round is known. His agents were, in fact, to count the 3,481 votes sent by mail.

The process is long and tedious. To make sure there is no fraud, each mail vote contains three envelopes. The first contains the Electoral Office address, and the Elections Canada Officer begins the counting process by making sure it is the correct address.

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There is a second envelope in the first and contains a document with an identification number signed and dated by the voter stating that he did not vote elsewhere.

The third envelope, which does not contain any information that could identify the voter, contains the ballot paper.

Excluding voting by mail and those who registered to vote on Election Day, voter turnout is estimated at 56% in Manitoba. Canada’s initial estimate is 58%.

In 2019, 64% of Manitoba residents and 67% of Canadians voted.

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