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A puppy imported from Morocco infected with rabies

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Antique illness Fight every time symptoms appear. A case of rabies was discovered “in A Puppy Illegally imported from The Kingdom of Morocco » By an individual in mouseThe Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday that all people “who were exposed to the animal” were treated at the Rabies Control Center. The diagnosis was made by the National Rabies Reference Laboratory in Nancy on 5 January.

A statement from the ministry stated that the animal, which was imported illegally from Morocco, died “13 days after it was introduced into the region.” “All persons who had previously been exposed to the animal have been contacted“Regional Health Agency Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur She was taken care of by the Rabies Control Center.

France has been “rabies-free” since 2001

The ministry's website notes that rabies is “a disease that is systematically fatal as soon as symptoms appear, whether in humans or animals.” Contamination of humans by animals occurs through saliva during bites, scratches or licks on damaged skin or mucous membranes (eyes, mouth), but is not transmitted during pets, we define. The disease is not transmitted between humans.

Since 2001, France has been officially recognized as rabies-free (except from bats), but the deadly disease continues to spread in many countries, especially in Asia and Africa, where dogs are responsible for the majority of rabies transmissions to humans. The Ministry of Agriculture website indicates.

The Ministry stressed that “only vaccination and adherence to precise safety instructions can protect animals and humans.” The ministry stated that “it is prohibited to return dogs and cats to French territory,” unless they have “a vaccination record and a health certificate issued by the country’s health authorities,” in particular “a valid vaccination against rabies.”

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