The end of the state of emergency in Montreal

Nearly six months after it went into effect, the Montreal bloc announced the lifting of the local state of emergency. A decision is made as the epidemic situation improves.

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Montreal explained in a press release that it made this decision due to several factors, among them the high rate of vaccination, the improvement of the situation, and the end of health restrictions at the provincial level.

Despite the lifting of the state of emergency, Montreal and its partners will remain vigilant in the face of the development of the pandemic and will closely monitor the situation. In the event of changes, the conglomerate will be ready to take the best decisions and actions,” Is it specified in the city’s press release.

It also indicates that coordination and regular communication will now be between the City of Montreal, Public Health and the Civil Security Center.

The state of emergency was declared on 12 December and had to be renewed every week by the municipal administration. It was also introduced for the period between March 2020 and August 2021.

In particular, the city has used the powers granted to it by the state of emergency to lend municipal sites to community organizations, as well as to provide logistical support for the opening of food stations and lodging centers.

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