A Sherbrooke resident will lead the Symphonic Harmonium

Concerts will gather on the stage of the stage more than a hundred artists.

I will simply be a link between the musicians and the audience. My role will be to take this work and amplify it so that the audience can experience and feel it. »

Quote from Larry O’Malley, sound engineer

Larry O’Malley will oversee sound crystallization for ten concerts. He will have to make sure that the audience can hear every section of the symphony orchestra in an optimal way. It will run approximately 105 microphones.

I made a major in symphony orchestra soundingsays Larry O’Malley, sound engineer at Orchester Symphonique de Sherbrooke for 40 years.

Larry O’Malley sees himself as a painter adding musical color to sound.

Photo: Radio Canada / Annick Mullan

With his remarkable experience and the high-quality equipment he possesses, Larry receives orders from all over Quebec, particularly from the Sinfonia de Lanaudière and the Orchester symphonique de Montréal.

My pension plan is in the micro, or thereabouts, but I am lucky enough to make a living off my passion, I find myself very fortunateHe says the guy is inexhaustible when he talks about his job.

The challenge of soundman

Cut from Histoires double album Without Words – Symphony HarmoniumWinner of the Félix Prize in the Album of the Year category – Reinterpretation, it will be performed by the musicians of the Orchester Symphonique de Trois-Rivières led by Dina Gilbert.

The big challenge is to take the reins of the conductor when it comes to sound checking. (…) The rhythm is always the conductor of the orchestra, but the balance of the orchestra is in my area. Balance is the balance between both tools. »

Quote from Larry O’Malley, sound engineer

always fire

When asked his age, the voice maker hesitates a little and then answers 66 poetry 33! I don’t have any disease, luckily I don’t need to take any medication, I’m still very fit and still very passionate about what I do. So, I don’t feel like I’m close to retirement, at all.

What excites him so much about his job?

Put yourself in my shoes, it’s a very good job! I work with great artists, it’s always very interesting music. I’m lucky I asked about interesting projects, because the not fun ones, I don’t know why, he doesn’t contact me! »

Quote from Larry O’Malley, sound engineer

Larry O’Malley explains that he will continue the sound system for as long as possible.

“Wherever I am, with the quality of health I have, the equipment I have, and the passion that has never let me down, I am at my best. It is the impression I have anyway (…) I will surely die with a microphone in my hand, and it will be fine,” Larry concludes, a smile in his voice.

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