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A silent politician whistles. The new defense minister violates the Bundeswehr contract

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When, at the end of January, Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the name of the new Minister of Defense after several meetings, everyone was surprised. Not only because Schulz violated his original commitment to achieving gender balance in the current government and replaced the current minister Kristin Lambrechtova, who resigned after a series of scandals and many mistakes, with a man.

The uproar was caused by the fact that Schultz chose a name that no one else had said. Boris Pistorius, a 62-year-old politician from Lower Saxony, where he has served as mayor of Osnabrück and interior minister for the past 10 years, was at the time on a broken card only as a theoretical reserve for his personal options are known to be limited, especially in defense field.

It’s a name from the list, commented Scholzv vbr Johann Wadephul of the opposition CDU/CSU. However, a few weeks later, it became clear that Schultz had a hand in selecting the new minister for the current ministry.

heels to fight

The last three ministers, Christine Lamprechtov, Annegret Krampov-Karenbaerov and current European Commission President Ursula von der Lenoff, have sent the long-slumping sector into a deep abyss.

The soldiers’ new uniforms were ceremonially presented by the most honorable command of the Lynovs. For Krampová-Karrenbauerová, the Ministry of Defense should have been a screen, not after Angela Merkel took over (which hasn’t happened). Then Lambrechtov became famous, among other things, for walking among soldiers in combat gear in high heels, and in the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine she had one appointment for a manicure instead of a crunch.

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Pistorius, if he had not yet had any experience in national or international defense or politics, his commitment and objective manner against his past actions seem to have been revealed to those who knew him and to the electorate. According to opinion polls, they are currently among the most popular German politicians, with the Zelench duo, i.e. Economics Minister Robert Habeck and Foreign Minister Analina Barbokova, leading.

According to a survey of the ZDF television station in the so-called urine barometer, which has been tracking the popularity of German politicians for a long time, Pistorius won first place with a value of 1.6 on a scale from -5 to +5 points. He is followed by Habeck (0.9), Schulze (0.7) and Barbukov (0.6). Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (0.1) and Bavarian CSU Chairman Markus Sder (0.1) were rated positively according to empathy and performance.

Speed, diligence and empathy

With his experience, his abilities, his assertiveness and his big heart, he is the right person for the Bundeswehr in this era of Bellum, Schulz introduced Pistorius.

Thus, voters of the centrist parties call Pistorius a likable and effective politician. Members of the government coalition, namely the Social Democratic Party (SPD), the Greens and the Liberal Democrats (FDP), as well as the late conservative CDU / CSU, agree. On the contrary, it is classified among the supporters of the far left and the far right, namely the Left and the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Pistorius, who took office on January 19, acted as the new minister not only efficiently, but also sympathetically. At the first Munich Security Conference, he made a reputation even in the international arena, among other things, with his unequivocal declaration that Ukraine must win. According to Fatina’s position in the company, he promotes a message of military support for Ukraine, as he went on his first foreign mission immediately after Nora’s arrest, that is, less than a month after he took office.

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In Kiev, he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Defense Minister Oleksey Reznikov and announced the dispatch of hundreds of Leopard 1A5 tanks, which would be supplemented by an approved supply of modern Leopard 2 battle tanks. Ukraine would still be able to arm itself and resist the tide. Then he told the Ukrainians that they admire him.

I recognize Pistorius accordingly in the military. He managed to visit her at several depots in the past few weeks, including the German one in Leswick-Holtensk, the US air base in Ramstein or the training center in Münster, where the Bundeswehr taught the Ukrainian military how to handle Leopard 2A6s and Mardiers. combat vehicles. Pistorius communicates clearly and clearly, but not in a way that offends others in any way, according to Berlin political scientist Gero Neugebauer, regarding the minister’s popularity. He is humble, but not ostentatious, and often meets the soldiers in person, which has earned him the reputation of a hunter who hates them.

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