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The house of Théophile Brunel in La Fontaine will be demolished

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But the municipal council plans to commemorate the building before it was demolished.

Théophile Brunel, an important figure, is known as the person who killed the wolf that terrorized La Fontaine in the last century.

Nadine Lalonde volunteers at Festival du Loup and at La Meute Culturelle de Lafontaine.

Photo: Radio Canada/Anne-Marie Trike

It’s disappointing, because they are with links [ les conseillers municipaux ] In their offices, they could discuss at length the options that had been suggested says Nadine Lalonde, a volunteer at Festival du loup and organizer of La meute Culturelle de Lafontaine.

Franco-Ontarian Heritage Network (French Ontario Heritage Network) A request from the municipality to go ahead with naming the house instead of demolishing it at the request of its owner.

« The appointment would have been a step in the desired direction, although it would have resulted in very high costs because the house is in such poor condition. »

Quote from Nadine Lalonde

It is also the disappointment of the Franco-Ontarian Heritage Network (French Ontario Heritage Network).

Diego Elizondo records the camera.

Diego Elizondo, French Heritage Network-Ontario Project Officer, (RPFO)

Photo: Submitted by Diego Elizondo

Members of the Franco-Ontario Religious and Architectural Heritage Committee French Ontario Heritage Network She responded with great disappointment after this decision by disrespecting the wishes of the Francophone community.

Diego Elizondo, Project Officer at French Ontario Heritage Network It is believed that the struggle led by the French speakers was not in vain. I think there is little awareness of the importance of Théophile Brunel’s house to the French-speaking community, even if the demolition permit was granted and the decision was made.

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project officer in French Ontario Heritage Network Slight flexibility is noted on the part of Tiny City Council. When we re-read the decision, for example, we ask the owner not to rush the demolition and wait for the organization of a revival before proceeding with the demolition. .

the French Ontario Heritage Network and La meute Culturelle de Lafontaine insist that Théophile Brunelle’s house serves as an example in defending other elements of Tiny’s French-speaking heritage.

« Although it is too late for this house, [il faut] At least grab the responsibility, take advantage of the attention being paid to heritage issues and proceed with the designation of other buildings to prevent such a loss from happening again. »

Quote from Diego Elizondo

Nadine Lalonde explains that since 2016, there is a list of heritage homes in the town. We must look at other cases. The municipal heritage commission must establish a relationship of trust between the French-speaking population and the administrative authorities. Things need to change, so action, not just excuses , as you say.

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