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A study proves that the brain is responsible for obesity

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It’s called the “second brain” and it’s not tiny. Gut microbiota is Bacteria nest The most populous part of an organism and is constantly chatting with neurons. Do you think you were gossip? Then you do not know the human intestine very well! Sometimes the dialogue is turbulent and the gut’s dialogue with the brain isn’t very clear. As a result, the feeling of hunger is deceived. It was the French scientists who updated this discovery. According to them, this could partly explain the obesity.

Obesity: the result of poor communication with the brain

It’s on mice Researchers Take their test. They were interested in the Nod2 receptor, which nests in both immune cells, but also in neurons in the hypothalamus. This is the part of the brain that runs Hunger, thirst and stress Or fear and body temperature. These same researchers found that when female mice lack Nod2, they tend to eat more food and gain weight, compared to other mice. This behavior is explained by the fact that they are simply trying to maintain their body temperature. So the basic functions of the body are disrupted. In humans, that would be the reason we could never feeling full

Gut and brain, the powerful duo

Because of this Nod2 receiver, it is not receiving the correct signals and therefore not sending the correct signals. He can no longer tell if you are really hungry. This is the beginning of an explanation of certain diseases such as bulimia, obesity or diabetes. However, while the brain can train eating disorderscan intestines on its part cause mental illness. It’s give and take! A real link can be found between depression and obesity. In fact, the chronic inflammation caused by obesity has a detrimental effect on the brain. You have to take care of your stomach as much as you take care of your head!

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