Netflix wants to take back control of account sharing between Internet users

The streaming platform Netflix is ​​currently testing features, including one that allows its members to share their accounts outside of their homes, at an additional cost (about $3.80), according to the company’s announcement.

Job testing is currently being conducted in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, allowing members with Standard and Premium plans to add up to two people.

Netflix is ​​also exploring another feature that allows members of all categories to transfer their profile information to a new account or sub-account, while preserving data such as viewing history and personalized recommendations.

Tests will be extended elsewhere in the world, once they are proven effective, according to the company.

Plague on Netflix

The company currently allows people who live together to share their Netflix account. However, the subscription plans have created some confusion over when and how accounts can be shared, according to the company.

Netflix sees this, among other things, as a brake on its ability to invest in new content for its platform.

This isn’t the first time that Netflix has tested functionality to crack passwords between people who don’t live at the same address. In 2021, the company launched an account verification tool, the purpose of which was to prevent session allocation by other Internet users.

In January, the streaming service toned down its growth forecast, citing in particular delays in expected content arrivals.

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