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A Tatooine-like exoplanet spotted by a ground-based telescope

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A rare exoplanet called Kepler-16b has been discovered orbiting two stars simultaneously using a ground-based telescope thanks to a close collaboration between the University of Birmingham and a laboratory.Astrophysics (Astrophysics (from the Greek word Astro = star and physiqui = physics) is a branch…) from Marseille. Kepler-16b is located about 245 light-years away from a land (Earth is the third planet in the solar system in order of distance…) and like planet (A planet is a celestial body that revolves around the sun or another star in…) Tatooine (Tatooine, or Tatouïne in French, a desert planet in a world…) From Luke Skywalker (Luke Skywalker is the main character in the original Star Wars trilogy (episodes IV…)at’being (The universe is the sum of all that exists and the laws that govern it.) From Star Wars, you will present two groups of the sun (The Sun (Sol in Latin, Helios or Ήλιος in Greek) is the star…) If we can stick to it space (Surface generally refers to the surface layer of an object. The term A…). The planet has so far only been observed using space telescope (A space telescope is a telescope placed outside the atmosphere. …) Kepler. She is attracted to About (Autour is the name you give the naming of birds in French (updated)…) From two stars also revolving around each other, formation (In intonation, fundamental changes in frequency are seen as differences in …) so star system (The star system consists of a small number of stars associated with …) binary.

© University of Birmingham / Amanda Smith

SOPHIE Spectrophotometer has been installed in telescope (Telescope, (from the Greek tele meaning ‘far’ meaning skopein…) From 193 cm used for this new Note (Observation is the act of vigilantly following phenomena, without the will to see them…) It is based in the observatory of Haute-Provence, France. The team was able to detect the planet using the radial velocity method, in which astronomers notice a change in Speed (distinguish 🙂 from one star (A star is an independently emitting celestial body, similar to…) When a planet revolves around it. this is Note (Observation is the act of vigilantly following phenomena, without the will to see them…) that it proof (In mathematics, a demonstration makes it possible to create a proposition from…) The importance of the possibility of detecting circular planets using this historical method, less expensive than using Satellites (Satellite may refer to:) my place. The radial velocity method also makes it possible to measure one of the fundamental properties of the planet: it Collective (The term mass is used to designate two quantities connected into one…).

The team plans to continue observations by searching for as yet unknown circular planets and to help answer questions about planet formation. The usual pattern of planetary formation within a disc (The word disk, both in engineering and in everyday life, is used to designate…) Protoplanetary – mass of dust and Gas (A gas is a group of weakly bonded atoms or molecules and…) About a young star – needs to be reconsidered. Having a second star annoys meaccumulation (Accumulation in astrophysics, geology and meteorology indicates an increase by …) – me’conglomerate (A agglomeration is an urban agglomeration based on the continuity of the built environment….) The dust that forms the planets. Planetary migration in the disk is likely to be a necessary component of understanding the observations.

This discovery shows how ground-based telescopes remain everyone (All is understood as all that exists most often as the world or …) closely related to Research (Scientific research identifies in the first place all actions taken with a view to …) Modern exoplanets can be used for exciting new projects. After Kepler -16b is detected, analyzes will be performed on data (In information technology (IT), data is an initial description, often…) I took on many other binary star systems to search for new circular planets.

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Kepler-16 (AB) b – 1st circle planet (A Planet is a dynamic website often grouped into one page, the content…) detected at radial velocities’And the Triaud et al. (2022), Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, in press.

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The French laboratories that participated in the study are: Aix Marseille University, CNRS (The National Center for Scientific Research, better known by the acronym CNRS, is the largest…)CNES, LAM, Marseille; University (The university is an institution of higher education whose goal is…) Grenoble Alpes, IPAG, 38000, Grenoble, CNRS, IPAG, 38000, Grenoble; Institute (An institute is a permanent organization established for a specific purpose. It is…) Astrophysics Paris (Paris is a French city and the capital of France and the capital of the region…)UMR7095 CNRS, University of Pierre & Mary (Marie Curie (born Maria Skodowska on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland…)98 bis Broad street surrounded by trees (In the first sense, the street is a communication road resting on the ancient ramparts, …) Arago, 75014 Paris.

Press release (A press release is a short document sent to journalists for the purpose of covering…) From’University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham or University of Birmingham) is the most …)

– Isabelle Boisse – Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory (LAM / CNRS / Aix-Marseille University) – isabelle.boisse at
– Alexandre Santern – Marseille Astrophysical Laboratory (LAM / CNRS / Aix-Marseille University) – alexandre.santerne at

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