A unique look at the Porsche Museum. A drone flew overhead

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany is an amazing place in itself that almost every car lover would like to visit once in their lifetime. But now some of them can save the long haul, because it’s likely that even museum staff have never seen it in such stunning footage as the new video from tech company DJI, which flew around the building and between, under, through and over drone cars.

The two-minute video posted to YouTube is an announcement of DJI’s new Avata machine, and a drone test pilot pushes the machine to its limits as it literally flies under and over the museum’s most famous Porsche models. However, the automaker knew about the whole event and thus expressed a great deal of confidence in the pilot.

To illustrate, the drone several times gets perilously close to such gems as the Rothmans Porsche 953, which won the Paris-Dakar Rally in 1984, or the Porsche 917K race car from 1970 in the famous Gulf colors, which won Le Mans.

The highlight of the entire video is a journey under the Porsche Cayenne SUV or through the interior of the 911 GT2 race car’s inner-wheel drive. Finally, the drone will fly through the open cockpit of a single-seater Porsche Formula E car.

Porsche will present the next super sports car in 5 years at the earliest


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